Celebrity Cruises presents “Luminae” restaurant

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Celebrity Cruises Luminae

A view of Luminae, a suite-class restaurant found on Celebrity Cruises. Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises is set to debut its suite-class “Luminae” restaurant in April, offering one-of-a-kind menus with dishes like creamy black truffle risotto and Jerusalem artichoke soup.

Those who indulge in the line’s premium suite class will gain access to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the new restaurant at no additional cost. Each menu item will only be featured once during a two-week cruise vacation.

As the name suggests, the restaurant is inspired by the essence of light. John Suley, James Beard-featured executive chef, said everything about the restaurant embodies an “inspirational culinary journey” for guests, using locally sourced regional and seasonal ingredients from all over the world.

“We want them to savor soulful, technique-driven cuisine, while enjoying warm and personalized service in a relaxed, stylish setting,” Suley said.

In fact, some signature dishes will be prepared at the table in front of guests. The line promises its first-ever suite restaurant will provide eclectic and unique menus that aren’t likely to appear anywhere else.

“The menus will be exquisite and guests can choose from dishes such as caviar and crème fraîche, a creamy black truffle risotto with fricassee of wild mushrooms and Parmigiano-Reggiano and a côte de bœuf with roasted root vegetables and béarnaise sauce,” Suley said.

Celebrity Cruises Luminae food

One of the succulent dishes available in the Luminae. Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.

The wine list will feature more than 400 selections from the top wine-producing countries. To end a meal on a sweet note, Luminae will offer daily presentations of gourmet chocolates and a dessert cart.

“The handcrafted desserts will provide the sweetest ending, and a favorite of mine is the mascarpone cheesecake and pistachio nougatine with yuzu brown butter and apricot sorbet,” Suley said. “Every menu has been precisely designed with our guests’ varied palates in mind, and we hope they will love our informal, luxury dining experience.”

Those who enjoy fine dining may also enjoy whetting their appetites for fine art with onboard art auctions held by Park West Gallery. Not only are the auctions a feast for the eyes, but for the mind as well, with auctioneers that entertain and educate passengers about art.

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Showing 16 comments
  • angela

    don’t think chairs will fit my bum so I will not be using the restaurant. food sounds nice.

  • nancy

    This is another way to create a class system. Separates those who have lots of money to those who are ordinary people. Dont like the idea.

  • Paul Eisterhold

    Celebrity is our favorite cruise line by far. This seems to be another experience offered by Celebrity to add to our “bucket list.”
    Experience & enjoy life!
    Travel, Food, Family and Friends, Spiritual Comfort, Good Health & Art ……. MY WORLD.

  • Kathleen DeAngelis

    We’ve taken Celebrity a number of times but I do not like this “class” system like Cunard. All restaurants should be open to all on a ship regardless of stateroom category.

  • Richard

    Celebrity was my favorite cruise line until they systematically fired employees that were within three years of retirement. Talk about Loyalty. Also, are they trying to institute the cast system like Cunard which has the cast system. Royal Caribbean already has a special breakfast and lunch area available for suite guests.

  • Gail Solarsh

    Sounds amazing love Celebrity Cruise Line and it is always nice to have something different to look forward to! One only lives once to enjoy what life has to offer!

  • Carolyn

    Well maybe the Celebrity will finally have some decent food, but I don’t book a suite only a veranda, so I will not be tasting it. If this is Celebrity’s way of attracting return business, you have failed

  • Gerald Rosenblum

    Is Luminae open for suites passengers aboard Sillouhette?
    If not, when is it expected to be available?

  • Greg Gangl

    My wife and I love the idea of the restaurant and bar for suite quest only. What took you so long. We travel NCL HAVENS only because of the private restaurant and bar and the extraordinary service. Private pool,sauna,gym,steam room and much more,special boarding location and ex corded to the havens. Looking forward to our cruise aboard the Eclipse Jan 2016 and 2017 CS 1618. Hope you also will have a special location for board like NCL.

  • marc pomi

    I am a business man I am thrilled to have a restaurant like luminia people who say it should be available to all should spend the 6 grand and then it will be available to them not a class system a supply for demand not everyone can afford a ferrarri

  • Gary Y

    We choose what we enjoy. We have cruised in an inside cabin Sans bath. We are retired now and enjoy the good life. Good for celebrity for offering the option of a more exclusive dining venue.

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