Papermaking secrets – a minute with Anatole

Does Anatole Krasnyansky reveal his papermaking secrets? Park West CEO Albert Scaglione shares a video from a recent Park West visit to the the artist’s studio in Southern California.

Integrating art into wellness care – a VIP profile

Like every work of art, each collector has a unique story. Some of our VIP collectors have graciously shared with us their personal experiences and how collecting art has enriched their lives.  [...]

Autumn de Forest – it’s dripping golf in Florida

Painter Autumn de Forest is busy this weekend participating in a variety of events surrounding the Pro-Am Golf Championship in Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Fla. In addition to involvement in [...]

Kids speak up to improve Michigan foster care

Overcoming adversity was the theme in story after story told by former foster youth Feb. 24 at the Oakland County Commissioners Auditorium in Pontiac, Mich. As each storyteller shared bits of [...]

Community continues to commend Glenn’s Grammy goodness

Marcus Glenn has been invited by a number of local officials to receive commendations for the honor of being chosen as the official artist for the 56th Annual Grammys. The Grammys’ [...]

Tim Yanke – Keeping the spirit of the West alive

Tim Yanke opens up with details of his inspired life as an artist in an interview this week with the Observer and Eccentric. He talks about making the leap out of the cubicle and into the studio [...]

Sensual and sensational – Csaba Markus makes top-10 list

Csaba Markus’ artwork “Pure Love” rounds out the list of the Top 10 Most Sensual Paintings, according to The Toronto Sun. The Park West artist is in outstanding company with paintings [...]

30 seconds with Chick Bragg

Park West CEO Albert Scaglione’s blog features a 30-second video glimpse of a recent visit to Chick Bragg’s studio in Southern California. Be sure to take a look and stay tuned for [...]

Red-hot art and cool inspiration – students learn from working artist

Talk to most artists and they’ll tell you they’ve learned from and been inspired by the artwork of others. Before Marcus Glenn became a Park West artist, he would stop by the Southfield gallery [...]