Daniel Wall Reveals His True Colors in This Exclusive Interview

Daniel Wall

Daniel Wall

An artist’s color palette can be a window into their soul. In the case of Daniel Wall, the colors of his vibrant paintings convey one simple yet important message: Celebrate life.

Wall sees beauty all around him, whether it’s walking down a street or admiring the autumn leaves. Through a unique style he calls “Intense Impressionism,” Wall exaggerates and highlights that beauty in the hopes of bringing joy to others.

We asked Wall 10 questions about how he developed his trademark style, what inspires his art, and what kind of symbolism can be found in his breathtaking paintings. We invite you to meet Daniel Wall!

“The American Dream,” Daniel Wall

1. When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist?

When I was 9 years old, I won first place in a fine art competition, and my painting was displayed at the county’s fine art center. It brought joy to my heart.

2. What inspires your art?

The beauty of nature and love inspire my art.

I love the magnificence and splendor of the naturally wonderful environment. My paintings range from works inspired by pristine wilderness forests, parks, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, deserts, flowers, and even works inspired by urban sprawl.

“Friends,” Daniel Wall

3. Which artists have played a role in influencing your style?

French artist Claude Monet, a founder of Impressionist art, played a very important role in influencing my style. I love his magical depiction of light in his paintings.

4. Why do you prefer to paint with a palette knife instead of paintbrushes?

A palette knife has great advantages over a paint brush, if you can use it well. A palette knife can achieve dazzling, vibrant, and intense color, as well as stronger, heavier texture. Perhaps more importantly, it gives the images life, energy, movement and rhythm—that’s why my clients often say that they can feel the liveliness and dancing movements in my paintings.

“Colorful Street” (2016), Daniel Wall

5. A recurring motif in your art is people walking on streets or pathways. What do these pathways represent?

These pathways represent the lifetime journey of happy lives. I usually depict couples walking softly into the realm of magic, hand-in-hand, or arm-in-arm, enjoying their lives’ journey together.

These lovely images strike a chord with my collectors. In their words, “these paintings are absolutely breathtaking, mesmerizing, and romantic!” “Your myriad of gorgeous colors is magical—amazing textures, heavenly reflections and the cathedral of trees is stunning!” “The beautiful couple brings the entire composition to another level of pure beauty.”


“Snowy New York” (2014), Daniel Wall

6. What do you want collectors to take away from your art?

Art can capture beauty above and beyond reality. It can be more beautiful than reality. I want collectors to fully enjoy the bright, beautiful side of life. With my artworks in their homes, they can always be surrounded by sensational colors and images of happiness and joy.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my art is bringing my collectors happiness and joy every day. I am very proud and honored that my artworks are hanging on the wall of my collectors.

7. How is your “Intense Impressionism” style different from traditional Impressionism?

Impressionist style has relatively small, visible brush strokes; while Intense Impressionist style has bold, strong, heavy strokes created with a palette knife.

Impressionist style requires accurate depiction of light; while Intense Impressionist style exaggerates the effects of lights.


“Glitter Harbor” (2014), Daniel Wall

8. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not painting?

As a father of two wonderful kids, I enjoy playing with them and watching whatever they do. I also enjoy working together with my wife in the kitchen, cooking homemade meals for our family.

I like sports, music, and animals. I enjoy soccer, martial arts, ice-skating, golf, and swimming. I enjoy listening to classic music and hip-pop music while I paint. We have two very cute dogs and two cats, and they are very much a part of the family.

“Tropical Reflections” (2018), Daniel Wall

9. Do you have a favorite color?

Red is my favorite color. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

10. Your art is both vivid and detailed. Is your imagery based on real places or your imagination? Or is it a combination of both?

My art is a combination. My mind’s eye sees the real places differently. After being filtered through the lens of my mind’s eye, the real places turn into more joyful and colorful images, a happier reality of my own—Daniel Wall’s own magical reality!


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