Watch as Impressionist Artist Daniel Wall Captures Love on Canvas

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It’s fascinating to watch collectors experience a Daniel Wall painting for the first time. His colors are so vivid, his textures so defined and dynamic that, while standing in front of his canvases, you can often feel yourself overcome by emotion.

Emotion is an essential element to Wall’s art, but there’s one emotion above all that he strives to bring his creations—love.

In this new video from Park West Gallery, Daniel Wall takes us into his home and studio, offering a glimpse at how he brings his powerful paintings to life.

Wall at work

Wall at work

Working with a palette knife, Wall paints cityscapes and scenes from nature, but all filtered through his own trademark style. He was influenced at an early age by the Impressionist movement, particularly the work of Claude Monet.

During a recent interview, Wall noted that “I got a lot of inspiration from Monet. When I was younger, I fell in love with Monet’s work, and it made me want to become an artist.”

Wall is a master at painting with a palette knife

Wall is a master at painting with a palette knife

Impressionists like Monet were known for their emphasis on accurately depicting light in their paintings. Many painted en plein air—outside amongst nature—so they could bring a more natural quality of illumination to their artwork.

While Wall appreciated the Impressionists’ devotion to natural light, he also found himself wanting to elevate and enhance the colors and textures in his own paintings.

"Charleston Waterfront," Daniel Wall

“Charleston Waterfront,” Daniel Wall

To accomplish this, Wall adapted the classic Chinese “Dry-Brush” painting technique to fit his own Impressionist-inspired style. In his new method, Wall exclusively used a palette knife to create his oil paintings, allowing him to enhance the intensity of his colors and textures.

Wall called this new style “Intense Impressionism,” and it was immediately embraced by art lovers around the world.

"Colorful Quiet Fall," Daniel Wall

“Colorful Quiet Fall,” Daniel Wall

Today, Wall has a large international fan base of collectors, and he told us, “I love seeing my work hanging on their walls.”

If you’re interested in collecting the art of Daniel Wall, please contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.


Daniel Wall

Daniel Wall

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  • Richard Larson

    I have 2 of Daniel Wall’s masterpieces now. Love them both.

  • Richard Larson

    Have two of his beautiful works.

  • Pamala Sakamoto

    One of the first paintings I purchased was a Daniel Wall, it is a single sailboat reflected in the water. It is fantastic. I was fortunate enough to meet Daniel a couple years ago during one of the Park West cruises. He is a gracious man and very talented artist.

  • Elizabeth Cypcar

    My husband and I are lucky enough to have 8 Daniel Wall pieces, and my son & daughter-in-law have three of his pieces. We enjoy them immensely!

  • Ian Rodgers

    My wife and I have recently purchased two of Daniel’s masterpieces. We love them, and look forward to acquiring more.

  • Joan epolito

    I have three of Daniel Wall’s painting hanging in my home. Love every one of them. I also purchased three for my children and enjoy them when I visit their homes. One very talented artist.

  • Debbie Shafer

    We had the privilege of meeting Daniel Wall at one of your functions. We were so impressed with him and his art. Proud to say we have two of Daniel’s paintings hanging in our home!

  • Calvin Middlebrooks

    I just bought my first Wall and it arrived today. I am very happy that I did. It caught my eye when I first saw it displayed. Now I can see it every day. Love it.

  • Vilma

    i would love one of his paintings.meanwhile I’m still waiting for above the river by andrew warden.

  • Tiffany Elliott

    Wall is one of my favorite Artists. My husband (art teacher) bought me one as a wedding gift. One day I hope to own more.

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