Daniel Wall Talks About His Lasting ‘Impression’ on Art in Our New Interview

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Daniel Wall poses with some of his collectors at a Park West event. (Image courtesy of @k0eap)

Daniel Wall poses with some of his collectors at a Park West event. (Image courtesy of @k0eap)

When artist Daniel Wall immigrated to the United States from China in 1995, he didn’t expect his life to change in the way it has.

He had struggled to find work in China as an art teacher and illustrator, but, upon arriving in the U.S., Wall pursued his art career with new vigor. That passion eventually helped Wall develop his trademark style—“Intense Impressionism”—which he says was inspired by the positivity that surrounded him in his new home country. Soon, Wall abandoned a planned career in mathematics and computer science to pursue his art full-time.

It was a gamble that paid off and, today, Wall has collectors around the globe.

"The Stillness of Venice," Daniel Wall

“The Stillness of Venice,” Daniel Wall

It helped that, from the age of 9, Wall always knew that he wanted to become an artist. “When I was little, I just liked to paint,” he told us. “It was a joy for me.”

After decades working as a professional artist, that early excitement can still be seen in his vibrant creations that celebrate love, life, and beauty. In hopes of bringing joy to others, Wall’s unique style highlights the beauty he sees all around him, whether it’s sitting by a lake or admiring the changing leaves on a fall day.

"Colorful Quiet Fall," Daniel Wall

“Colorful Quiet Fall,” Daniel Wall

When asked about what makes him such a positive person, Wall said, “My positivity is largely inspired by my wonderful wife, who I met in high school. Next year, we will be celebrating 30 years of marriage!”

He also acknowledged his pastor Larry as a significant influence in his life when he came to the United States. “Larry gave me my first Bible and taught me about something I never learned in China—Jesus Christ.” Much of Wall’s work is drawn from by what he has learned about the importance of being positive, faithful, and forgiving.

A work-in-progress in Daniel Wall's studio. (Image courtesy of @daniel_wall_art)

A work-in-progress in Daniel Wall’s studio. (Image courtesy of @daniel_wall_art)

We asked Wall how his artistic process has evolved over the years. He told us: “My style has always been Intense Impressionism, but after I immigrated to the United States, my religion played a larger role in my life and in my art. If I were to compare it to three years ago, I feel that my work is now stronger and more intense. If we were to look at my work from 20 years ago, I feel that it is very soft compared to what I am doing today.”

He went on to say, “Life is about joy and happiness, and painting is when I am the happiest. That has never changed over the years.”

"A Romantic Alley," Daniel Wall

“A Romantic Alley,” Daniel Wall

Today, Wall is a father with grown children now in college. (His son is a rising sophomore at Duke University.) We asked Wall what it was like for his children to see art being created in their family home every day.

He said, “When they were little, they enjoyed drawing and painting, much like other kids. I let them develop their own skills and didn’t teach them how to do anything specific, they discovered what they liked on their own and would paint or draw it.” While his children are off exploring their own paths, Wall mentioned that if, someday, they were interested in pursuing being a professional artist, he would be happy to teach them a few things.

Daniel Wall's studio and his two adorable "studio students" (Image courtesy of @daniel_wall_art)

Daniel Wall’s studio and his two adorable “studio students” (Image courtesy of @daniel_wall_art)

Wall’s motto is, “If you like something, you should work hard to pursue it.”

When he can get away from the studio, Wall enjoys walking his two dogs, swimming, rowing, and ice-skating. He told us that he learned how to ice skate years ago when his daughter was around 3 years old, and he had to learn how to skate himself to keep up with her. Wall says that his favorite moments are when he is at home with his wife and kids, saying “They are more grown-up now and out doing their own thing, but it is nice when we are all able to be together as a family!”

"Colorful Street," Daniel Wall

“Colorful Street,” Daniel Wall

If you’re interested in collecting the art of Daniel Wall, please contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.


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  • Kelly

    My wife and I really love his work.

  • Kim C

    I was struck by the bright impressionistic style! Love the bright colors and joy in his work!

    • Tina Hodge

      My hubby and I are now the owners of 3 of Daniel wall’s paintings. We had the opportunity to purchase at art auction on a cruise. I fell in love with ot only the colors but the scenes themselves. I hope to be able to continue to add to my collection.

  • Debbie Roderick

    We have 5 pieces of Daniel Wall’s art and love them all. Thank you and keep making new pieces.

  • Debbie Converse

    On my last cruise I purchased a Daniel Wall. It was so vibrant and reminded me of fall in the Northeast.

    • John Daniel Stoneback

      I feel in love Daniel Wall’s paintings on a cruise this January. I am the proud owner of three of his works. I know there will be more in the future.

      • George McGurk

        My wife and I Love the way Daniel captures of colors. We purchased his beautiful creation of “Joyful Return”

      • David Derrick

        We have 1200 antique soda, auto, & gas signs, and three Daniel Wall paintings. Fantastic, great color, and joyful!!

  • Lisa

    Love your work

  • Juan Sepulveda

    We appreciate your artistic style. We purchased two prints recently. and happily display them in our lake home. Your strong testimony to Christ encourages usus

  • john Teglash

    Purchased 2 painting on a cruise…love his work

  • Thomas Slattery

    We have purchased several pieces from PWG over the years while cruising with RCCL. In our PWG Collection we have 8 Kincades (Mix of Giclee’s on canvas and a few Lithograms) and a couple Norman Rockwell Prints. All of these pieces are cherished and proudly displayed but my pride and joy is an Original Signed 2012 Daniel Wall piece that we purchased privately shortly after a PWG event. The piece is “Rainy Day at the Ranch” and it is exquisite. Had it not have been for PWG and their relationship with RCCL, I would have never started my collection journey. Thanks PWG!!

  • Julia Hamberger

    I am a huge fan of Daniel Wall’s work. I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 years ago, and I feel so fortunate to own 2 of his paintings.

  • David Holland

    Have four pieces hanging in our home in Sydney Australia. Always amazed at the colours that bring our home alive.
    BZ DW.

  • Amy Strickland

    I’m the proud owner of five pieces and absolutely loved each of them. I can’t wait to see his newest art and look forward to adding to my collection

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