Experience the Enthralling Art of Ron Agam in Park West’s New Fall Sale

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Ron Agam's "Kinetic Square" moves and evolves as you walk past.

Ron Agam’s “Kinetic Square” moves and evolves as you walk past.

Park West Gallery is kicking off our 2019 Fall Sale with a mesmerizing new collection from artist Ron Agam!

From unique art to limited-edition lenticular works, this featured collection offers a fantastic variety of artwork from one of the most captivating artists working today. You can view the full collection of 40 available works HERE.

This sale marks the first time that Park West has made Ron Agam’s large-scale lenticulars available to our collectors outside of special events. We have nine of these works available—”Happiness,” “Fusion,” “Endless Journey,” “Infinite Movements,” “Reminisce of the Infinite,” “Arch with Red Background,” “Kinetic Square,” “Yellow Squares on Purple,” and “Square Wave.”

A Park West visitor views Ron Agam's large-sized "Endless Journey"

A Park West visitor views Ron Agam’s large-sized “Endless Journey”

These massive three-dimensional kinetic (3-DK) works are unique, and each one comes to life before your eyes as you move past it. Merely taking a few steps to view the art at a different angle causes the colors and perspective to transform, shift, and rotate.

But the large lenticulars are just one part of this engaging new collection. It also features some of Ron Agam’s most popular 3DK designs—like “New York” and “Aquatic Dream”—and his eye-popping digital unique works.

As art fans know, Ron is the son of Yaacov Agam, the internationally renowned pioneer of the kinetic art movement. Following a successful career as a photographer, Ron decided at the age of 52 to shift his focus to the world of fine art. What followed was an outpouring of creativity that led him to experiment with color fields, abstract geometry, and optical illusions.

"Cathedral 2," Ron Agam

“Cathedral 2,” Ron Agam

By using the kinetic art movement innovated by his father as the basis for his inspiration, Ron has created a body of work that echoes his father’s vision and brings new energy to the movement.

“It’s extremely rare in any field for someone to be at the top of their game and have their children follow the same path with an equal amount of talent, passion, and vigor,” says Park West Gallery Director David Gorman. “Yaacov Agam, one of the most important living artists today, has the unique pleasure of passing the proverbial torch to his son. Ron Agam, in turn, is taking that legacy and transforming it into a very thrilling, singular body of work.”

Browsing the new Ron Agam collection

Browsing the new Ron Agam collection

With a technique that blends traditional art techniques with modern technology, Ron has created a fresh take on the kinetic art movement—one that collectors have enthusiastically embraced.

“No one but the Agams can create artwork like this, and it’s exciting to see how Ron Agam continues to evolve kinetic art,” Gorman says.

"Aquatic Dream," Ron Agam

“Aquatic Dream,” Ron Agam

Don’t miss your chance to get lost in this collection of 40 astounding works from this true pioneer of contemporary art.

For information on how to collect the works of Ron Agam, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.


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