10 Contemporary Artists Capture the Iconic Beauty of Venice, Italy

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"Venice Twilight," James Coleman

Why is Venice, Italy such a popular subject for artists? Thousands of painters, illustrators, and photographers have tried their best to capture the city’s elusive beauty over the centuries.

Once, while discussing the unique Venician allure, Russian philosopher Alexander Herzen argued that, “To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness in itself, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius.”

You can see shades of that genius in the artwork the city has inspired. There is something ethereal and otherworldly about the place. The absence of roads, the narrow canals, the looming majesty of St. Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge… at times, it seems almost too magical to be real

However, this iconic city hasn’t had things easy lately. Last November, the city experienced its worst flooding in 50 years and, more recently, historically low tides have left the city’s iconic gondolas stranded in the mud.

Yet, despite it all, Venice endures as one of the most beautiful places on Earth and the way it continues to be captured by countless artists reflects that.

If you’re interested to see how contemporary artists are still falling under this city’s spell, here are 10 perspectives on the breathtaking city by 10 different Park West Gallery artists…


“Venice” by Anatoly Metlan

"Venice," Anatoly Metlan


“The Stillness of Venice” by Daniel Wall

"The Stillness of Venice," Daniel Wall


“Venice Orange” by Duaiv

"Venice Orange," Duaiv


“Venice” by Eric Dowdle

"Venice," Eric Dowdle


“Venice Twilight” by James Coleman

"Venice Twilight," James Coleman


“San Giorgo a Venise” by Jean-Claude Picot

"San Giorgo a Venise," Jean-Claude Picot


“Lady in Venice” by Orlando Quevedo

"Lady in Venice," Orlando Quevedo


“Gondola Venice” by Sam Park

"Gondola Venice," Sam Park


“Venise du Cote de Canareggio” by Bernard Louedin

"Venise du Cote de Canareggio," Bernard Louedin


“Venice al Fresco” by Viktor Shvaiko

"Venice al Fresco," Viktor Shvaiko


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