Why Simon Bull claims art is dead

Colorist Simon Bull vivaciously infuses all of his paintings with life, joy and nostalgia, which makes it all the more curious as to why he has claimed “art is dead.” Such a shocking statement [...]

Stop and Smell the Roses with Simon Bull

Bright, vivid flowers have been a hallmark of Simon Bull’s art for the majority of his career. When asked why he enjoys the subject, his English charm can’t help but shine through. “Flowers have [...]

Life Lessons Learned from Simon Bull

Life lessons can come from just about anywhere. For artists, it can be anything from a source of inspiration to an interaction with their collectors. The bright artwork of Simon Bull focuses on [...]

Simon Bull featured in the Oakland Press

Artist Simon Bull is making headlines with his first-ever Park West Gallery solo exhibition. The Oakland Press spoke with Bull about his artwork and his exhibition, “Language of Color,” held at [...]

Simon Bull’s Black Backgrounds and Bright Colors

Simon Bull is known as a colorist for his use of bright color and expressive, gestural brushstrokes, but one color featured in his works holds a deeper meaning than others. In many of his [...]

Park West Gallery opens “Language of Color” featuring Simon Bull on Aug. 27

Simon Bull held his first-ever solo exhibition at the age of 18. Now, nearly four decades later, his heartfelt artwork will grace the walls of Park West Gallery in his newest solo exhibition. The [...]