Park West Gallery Expands Across the Seas in 2022 with New Cruise Partnerships

After a long delay, cruise ships emerged back onto the high seas in 2021, and cruisers definitely came back in earnest! The passengers were not only excited for the entertainment, food, and [...]

7 Reasons Cruises are the Best Vacation

  When it comes to planning a vacation, not all trips are created equal. Here are seven reasons cruises are the best choice to fit the most fun into your next holiday: 1. Relax While You [...]

Holiday Cruises Alongside Park West

Holidays are a special time of year to celebrate the many different traditions of every family. While some enjoy the busy bustle of heading to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, [...]

New cruise ships sailing in 2015

As 2015 surges ahead, new and experienced cruisers will have a chance to break in new cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line. Royal Caribbean has already made [...]

Venetian Cruise Excursion Inspires Park West Artist

An essay by Peter Nixon, written exclusively for Park West Gallery.

Art Appreciation On the High Seas

We are proud to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently enjoyed art appreciation lectures offered by the art auction staff and Park West at sea.

Park West Artists at Sea: Simon Bull

Every challenge is another opportunity for great vision and Simon Bull is the man to create just such a view.

Noah’s Art: Incandenscent Beauty, Inconceivable Perfection

The age and majesty of Venice emanates a certain sense of inconceivable perfection. The art of Noah does the same.

An “Animated” Park West Art Auction at Sea with Disney Artist, David Willardson

Considered one of the finest galleries afloat, the Celebrity Infinity always hosts an amazing art collection. Still what a surprise, when in anticipation of a visit from world renowned Disney [...]

Celebrity Cruise Lines and Park West Gallery Offer New Artist Enrichment Program

Thanks to a new Celebrity Cruises enrichment program - Highlight the Artist - guests will not just see the world, they'll have the opportunity to explore the world of art.

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