Sweet Art Bar treats from Lebo and Guy Harvey

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Lebo’s artwork and candy bar at Hoffman’s Chocolate

Looking for some sweet treats for your valentine? How about some unique Art Bars from Park West Gallery artists David “Lebo” Le Batard and Guy Harvey?

Both artists have teamed up with Hoffman’s Chocolates in Florida for the chocolate store’s Art Bars Collection, a limited-edition set of candy bars featuring package designs created by the artists.

Not only do these 6 oz. candy bars come with a poster of the artwork, but half of the proceeds from the sales go to non-profit organizations selected by the artist. Each Art Bar sells for $10, making it a perfect choice for a chocolate valentine bar.

Each Art Bar flavor has been crafted to reflect the artist and their work. Here is a breakdown of each:


Lebo Art Bar

Lebo Art Bar

(Image courtesy of Hoffman’s Chocolates)

Art: “The Bliss of Balance”
Flavor: Milk chocolate mint Oreo bar
Charity: Paws 4 You Rescue, a no-kill animal rescue in Florida

Lebo’s Art Bar artwork reflects a celebration of humankind’s quest for truth and wisdom through investigating the natural world, and a reminder to be a student for life. Lebo says he likes to support animal welfare organizations as part of a philosophy of serving the community around him.

“I feel that dogs truly are guardian angels, and know Paws 4 You Rescue does great work in helping rescue and preserve our canine friends locally,” Lebo says.


Guy Harvey Art Bar

guy harvey art bar

(Image courtesy of Hoffman’s Chocolates)

Art: “Blue Grander”
Flavor: Dark chocolate sea salt bar
Charity: The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, a non-profit founded by Harvey that promotes education and research into conserving marine habitats and environments

Harvey’s Art Bar artwork depicts a marlin, one of Harvey’s favorite ocean creatures to paint. Specifically, a grander is a marlin that weighs 1,000 pounds, and is considered by marlin anglers to be the best kind to capture. Harvey, an angler and scientist on top of being an artist, emphasizes a “catch and release” practice for anglers.

“The conservation is a big part of the art, not only in the execution of the art – I’m telling a little bit of a story about the natural history of the animal – but it also raises awareness about the aesthetic beauty and appeal of these animals,” Harvey says.

Not only do Harvey and Lebo share this sweet opportunity together, but they also belong to a select group of artists who painted the hull of a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, with Lebo painting the Norwegian Getaway and Harvey the Norwegian Escape.

If eye candy is what you’re seeking, contact our gallery consultants for information on Lebo and Harvey art.

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