Park West’s 2019 Summer Sale Begins with 30 New Works from Daniel Wall

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"Aquatic Reflections," Daniel Wall

“Aquatic Reflections”

Park West is kicking off our 2019 Summer Sale with a blast of color, thanks to 30 new works from acclaimed Impressionist Daniel Wall.

This exclusive collection offers six hand-embellished giclées on canvas and 24 unique oil paintings by Wall. Every single work features the eye-popping colors and dramatic textures that have made Wall an international sensation.

You can view the entire collection here.

"Spring Night"

“Spring Night”

Wall paints in a style he calls “Intense Impressionism,” blending together stark color contrasts, thick impasto, and a brilliant use of light in a manner than harkens back to the best of the 19th-century Impressionists.

Daniel Wall

Daniel Wall

Wall has been particularly inspired by the works of Claude Monet. Born and raised in northern China, Wall worked as an art professor for years. While preparing his lessons, he would often attempt to replicate Monet’s paintings to teach himself how Monet could so realistically depict light.

Eventually, Wall decided to combine everything he had learned from Monet with the classic Chinese “dry-brush” painting technique—using a palette knife to heighten the intensity of his colors. That was the day that Wall’s trademark “Intense Impressionism” was born.

"Heartfelt Desire"

“Heartfelt Desire”

Wall notes that his use of a palette knife gives his imagery an extra kick of “life, energy, movement and rhythm—that’s why my clients often say that they can feel the liveliness and dancing movements in my paintings.”

While looking at Wall’s works—his landscapes, sunsets, and portraits of couples walking together arm-in-arm—it’s hard not to feel moved by the unabashed optimism of his paintings.

"Love in Copenhagen," Daniel Wall

“Love in Copenhagen”

That’s exactly what Wall wants. “Art can capture beauty above and beyond reality,” he told us. “It can be more beautiful than reality. I want collectors to fully enjoy the bright, beautiful side of life. With my artworks in their homes, they can always be surrounded by sensational colors and images of happiness and joy.”

If you’re interested in collecting the works of Daniel Wall, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or


"Glorious Roma Sky"

“Glorious Roma Sky”



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