Lebo Tells the Inside Stories Behind 8 of His Amazing Creations

Miami artist David “Lebo” Le Batard puts a lot of thought into his art—and we mean A LOT. If you ever have the chance to talk to Lebo about his artwork, you will quickly find yourself taken aback [...]

Astonishing Selection of Lebo Art Available in New Summer Sale

David “Lebo” Le Batard is an artist of limitless vision. You can see that vision brilliantly brought to life in his new Summer Sale collection for Park West Gallery. Our collectors [...]

Discerning Eyes, Abstract Musings: Artist Tim Yanke Comes of Age

In 2018, the prestigious Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center in Tennessee opened an exciting new exhibition on the abstract works of artist Tim Yanke. Titled “Abstract Musings,” the exhibition [...]

Meet the Artist: 10 Questions for Rodel Gonzalez

Rodel Gonzalez has an eye for beauty. Maybe it’s because he comes from a family of artists. Or maybe it’s because of his intense study as an art student in his native Philippines. Whatever the [...]

The Princess of Pop Art: Our Exclusive Interview with Allison Lefcort

In the world of Pop art, Allison Lefcort is regarded as royalty, which makes sense because she’s painted everyone—from Mickey Mouse to the King and Queen of Jordan. One of the best known Pop [...]

Meet the Artist: 10 Questions for Popular Artist Rob Kaz

Storytelling is an essential skill for any artist. They need to be able to convey mood, tone, and sometimes even whole narratives in just one lone image on a canvas. Fortunately for Rob Kaz, he’s [...]

Explore the Breathtaking Magic Realism of Cuban Artist Orlando Quevedo

Enter the magical world of Orlando Quevedo where fantasy and reality seamlessly blend together with masterpieces from art history. As the leading proponent of “Magical Realism,” Quevedo’s art is [...]

Park West Gallery Founder Albert Scaglione Interviewed on Record-Breaking Monet Auction

“Wild stuff.” That’s how Park West Gallery Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione characterized this week’s record-breaking auction for a painting by Claude Monet. Scaglione was [...]

How Anatole Krasnyansky Elevates the Watercolor Medium to New Heights

Ask any artist and they’ll tell you that watercolor is a particularly tricky medium to work with. There’s a constant struggle to keep the perfect balance of water and pigment, the artist can’t [...]

Disney Dreams: Thomas Kinkade Brings Classic Disney Moments to Life

The long-time partnership between artist Thomas Kinkade and Walt Disney Studios has always made sense. Disney is one of the most popular creative brands in the world—responsible for movies, [...]

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