Celebrate Park West’s New Winter Sale with Over 25 Sculptures by Nano Lopez

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"Arthur the Believer" (2017), Nano Lopez

“Arthur the Believer” (2017), Nano Lopez

This is something truly special. In celebration of our new Winter Sale collection, Park West Gallery is now offering over 25 astonishing bronze sculptures by Colombian sculptor Nano Lopez.

Thanks to our long-time relationship with Lopez, Park West is able to offer more of his sculptures than any other art dealer in the world. This robust collection represents almost every kind of sculpture that Lopez currently has on the market, and we’re making them all available to you for a limited time.

You can view the full collection here and—if you see anything you’re interested in—contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.

Each sculpture is made on-demand, especially for you. It is hand-casted in bronze and hand-painted by Lopez and his team of artisans at his studio in Washington. This collection also includes new casts of previously sold-out editions of some of his most popular designs.

"Bobby" (2017), Nano Lopez

“Bobby” (2017), Nano Lopez

While the majority of Park West artists work in two-dimensional art, Lopez brings something extraordinary and extra-dimensional to the Park West family.

He once said, “Everything is a miracle, everything is amazing. The richness of the world is my inspiration.”

Nano Lopez at work on one of his "Nanimals"

Nano Lopez at work on one of his “Nanimals”

You can see that boundless optimism at work in every one of his sculptures. Lopez is world-famous for his iconic “Nanimals,” his series of ingenious bronze works that bring to life a menagerie of playful animal characters.

Lopez carefully crafts his “Nanimals,” imbuing them all with an astounding level of detail and personality. He creates a backstory for every animal, which develops and expands as he works on each one.

"Tracy (the Fast)" (2015), Nano Lopez

“Tracy (the Fast)” (2015), Nano Lopez

“Sometimes the piece might have the basic story from the beginning, but sometimes the story develops,” Lopez says. “I always say I have communication with the piece.”

To create his “Nanimals,” he utilizes what’s known as the “lost wax” process, an intricate procedure that sculptors have been using for thousands of years.

"Ema" (2017), Nano Lopez

“Ema” (2017), Nano Lopez

Lopez begins with early sketches and then sculpts with clay to bring his artistic vision to life. Next, he casts a silicone mold from his original clay sculpture and then pours wax into this mold to create a wax copy of the sculpture. It is then coated in multiple layers of liquid ceramic and placed in a kiln. The name “lost wax” is derived from how the wax melts out of the ceramic mold.

From there, Lopez forms a bronze version of his design by pouring molten bronze into the ceramic shell. Once cooled, this final sculpture is cleaned, polished, painted, and finished with a protective clear coating. Each sculpture takes several months to complete.

"Foxy" (2017), Nano Lopez

“Foxy” (2017), Nano Lopez

Because of the incredible amount of work that goes into creating each sculpture, Lopez is only able to offer a limited number of his creations each year. That makes this new Winter Sale event the perfect time to finally bring an original Nano Lopez creation into your home.

To learn more about how you can reserve one of Lopez’s made-on-demand sculptures, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.

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  • Barbara Felburg-Jackson



    Absolutely a Beauty!!



  • Arno Schollmeyer

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Bradaigh Holt

    We have 2 Nanos; Tracy the Fast and Dusty. We absolutely love them and they are tour stoppers when people check out our art collections.

  • Diane Vest

    We bought Tracy the Fast a few ago as I love turtles….everyone smiles when they see it!

  • Jessamyn A Curtin

    I can’t wait to receive Olivia the Giraffe. I have wanted to purchase her for 3 years and now just have to wait for 1 year to receive her.

  • Joan Korman

    We love his unique work. We currently own Catfish Lily and 18 (dog). And they both complement each other well.

  • Steve Marks

    We have Olivia adorning the entrance to our home. We are going to put her on a pedestal

    • Christina Slater

      ELIZABETH (she has a story line) She’s an exquisite Ostrich-She’s colorful mesmerizing and big -she’s been retired for a long time now – because we haven’t seen her advertised ever – When we Purchased her and met with NANO he personalized it for us which is really awesome by placing a little pink heart (as I asked) on the platform with our initials on it exquisite love it! Nano is a genius – No doubt.

  • Jennifer Jones

    Oh how I would love to have Ema, Tracy (the fast) and Foxy. All so beautiful and playful.

  • Cheryl Y

    Love Tracy and Foxy; all have a unique beauty and mystery about them. Cheryl


    I received my Timothy (the Environmental) cleanup Rhino. It is much larger and heavier than I expected. I display it with mini LED lights so I can enjoy its beauty even after dark!

  • Andy Tillman

    I have Davian and recently ordered Eighteen (Micro) and Tracy. Love his work and met him at an art event. Such an amazing and genuine guy. Very appreciative of those that collect his art! Cannot wait to add Phillipe JR to my collection in the near future as well.

  • Wendy Madison

    Would love to have foxy.

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