Park West Gallery, the Artists’ Perspective [Video]

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We often learn about the Park West Gallery experience from our collectors’ perspectives, but what is it like for the artists we represent? What advantages do our artists most enjoy from the unique opportunity to be included in the Park West Gallery family?

In the following Park West Gallery exclusive, you’ll hear from world-renowned contemporary artists including Peter Nixon, Csaba Markus, Romero Britto, Andrew Bone and Leslie Lew.

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  • joan lowe-cohen

    I would choose Linda LeKiff for my mother’s portrait. The uniqeness of
    her style is sooooo my mother. Her colors are bright/clear and bountiful to me all at the same time. Just like Elizabeth …one of a kind….and sadly missed.

  • joy drescher

    If I could commission one of the artists to paint my mum, I wpould select Taurkay as his women are always at ease, seem to at ease with all the others in the paintings, always having a ‘cuppa tea’ or coffee – the ultimate exquisite hostess. As my old English teacher Mother Leonard said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you dip your biscuits in the cuppa, just feel at home and make all those around you feel at home and if you friends dip the biscuits in the tea and you find it gross, have the decency to not notice as who will care in 100 years if you are a great friend and worthwhile human being?’ As all our pioneer women, including my mum nad grandma were. Joy Drescher

  • Aristona Yu

    I love all three contemporary artists. This past January , on the Norwegian Pearl, I bought from
    Park West a Tarkay and a Le Kinff. So I think I would like to have Emile
    Bellet this time. I like how he uses bright and vivid colors. His style makes
    the woman looks so exotic, elegant and beautiful.

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