Park West Foundation Supports Art, Science, and Greater Good

Art has the ability to elevate psychological health, relieve stress, prevent memory loss, promote physical health, and even pioneer scientific discovery. In support of special programs, [...]


Scott Jacobs Visits Alex Gockel’s Studio in Germany [Video]

What happens when two Park West Gallery artists collaborate?


Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Collectors

We turn the tables and share a little insight into how our artists feel about our collectors.


Duaiv: A Life in Art and Music

Explore Duaiv’s background as both a professional artist and cello player.


Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Studio

We asked various Park West Gallery artists to describe their studio spaces.


The Park West Gallery Spring Fine Art Sale

A vast selection of fine art, sports memorabilia, Japanese woodcuts, animation and designer jewelry are available at exceptionally reduced prices.


Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: Inspiration

Find out where your favorite Park West Gallery artist find their inspiration.


Valentine’s Day 2013

Flowers and candy are sweet, but why not make this year unique?


The Park West Gallery Winter Fine Art Sale

It's time to escape the winter blues with a visit to the colorful Park West Gallery Winter Fine Art Sale.


Winner Announced in the MIGreatArtist Online Arts Competition

Thoughts from the MIGreatArtist contest winner.

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