Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Studio

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“An amazing place to be…” “It’s nirvana, it’s bliss…” “My place of refuge, it’s everything to me…” We asked various Park West Gallery artists to describe their studio spaces. Here’s what they said…

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  • tom

    keep them coming

  • two250yahooca

    I am very impressed with the video. What would be more impressive would be to see this magnificent ship in real life. I attended my first Park West Gallery auction aboard the Norwegian Epic. As much as I would have liked to win a bid on a Peter Max my wife and I owned a vintage home and went with a few Kincades. For me the auction was one of the hilights of the trip, do to the professionalism, courtesy and the fun that was had at the auctions. Also the crew and all of the staff of the Norwigian Epic were amazing. For me they went above and beyond.

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