Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Collectors

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Which artist(s) whose works you’ve collected would you most like to meet in person? Who have you already met that you’d like to see again?

It is a special joy and privilege for us to put our customers directly in touch with our artists, an experience historically reserved for only the wealthiest of art patrons and collectors — that is, until the founding of Park West Gallery. We thought we’d turn the tables and share a little insight into how our artists feel about our collectors.

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  • joelle

    that was great! like a mini intro to meeting the artists. I have met a few and this really shows a bit of their personalities. thank you park west!!


    One of the most important things I have to say is:
    When you meet and communicate with the artist, you will get an even greater appreciation for their artwork. And indeed you will want to own a piece or two. So when you view it in your home, you are also viewing the depth of the person, The Artist, that you met and had an interaction with. Art is a wonderful thing.

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