Park West Gallery Launches Tim Yanke Website

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SOUTHFIELD, MI — Park West Gallery announces the recent launch of a website for Michigan-based artist Tim Yanke. The site features information about the artist, a virtual gallery of his artwork, and exclusive video footage of Yanke showcasing his work.

Yanke’s abstract artworks are distinctive; from his explosive, visually appealing color palettes, to the random numbers and words scattered throughout the canvas, energy and excitement emanate from every Yanke work. While many of his works are purely abstract, others incorporate discernable imagery. Particularly evident in Tim’s imagery is his fascination with Southwest iconography, including Native American headdresses and shields and Kokopelli images.

Yanke has formidable drawing skills and is able to render flawless, realistic images, yet he prefers to work in the realm of abstraction. Of his choice to pursue a career as an abstract artist, Yanke has said, “The beauty of abstract art is that a hundred different people will have a hundred different interpretations of a work. Abstract art is reminiscent of play and childhood. It’s fun…fun to do, fun to look at, fun to experience. It evokes emotion…curiosity. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The growing number of collectors enthusiastically acquiring Yanke’s artwork wouldn’t have it any other way, either. “Tim’s works have become increasingly popular with collectors worldwide, and individuals and businesses alike have commissioned Yanke works,” said Park West Gallery President Marc Scaglione. “It doesn’t look like the demand for Tim’s work will be fading anytime soon.”

This new Tim Yanke website makes his fine artwork viewable worldwide and continues Park West’s mission of bringing fine art to people everywhere.

Visit the Tim Yanke website at

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  • Terry

    Nice work

  • Mike K

    My wife and I were on a cruise and we came across Big Thunder one night and bought it along with 2 other Yanke pieces! We love them on our walls they have such a presence!!

  • lynn

    I just purchased one of tim yanke’s paintings yet am unable to find any current comments or new paintings by him. has he stopped painting and these are just old paintings being sold on a ship with no value?

  • Marc Grossman

    My wife and I survived “Anthem of the Seas” and the “Cruise to Mars” and had a wonderful time despite the Captain’s mistakes!!!
    We bought three of Tim’s pieces and eagerly await their arrival. I also enjoyed meeting Tim and his wife aboard and communicating with Tim afterwards.

    We can’t wait to hang the art we bought!!!

  • Barry Geller

    Hello Mr Yanke please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barry Geller I am a disabled veteran recently my wife of 30 years took me on a vacation for the first time since being diagnosed with Ptsd. We went on a cruise and it allowed me to see some of your art. I was terribly impress with your American flag art. I stared at it for hours while in deep thought. I inquired about the art via park west. It was way outside my disability pay range. We were on the cruise for a week I asked if they can keep this picture displayed in the same place as it moved me. I wanted to thank you you as it help me deal with my illness and allowed me to relax. Thank you so much I can’t tell you how much it meant to me, for seven days I stared at it and each time I saw something different your use of art and patriotism will always take me to safety. Thank you.

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