Palettes and palates: 7 art and wine pairings

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Some of the greatest luxuries are fine wine and fine art. The two are a natural fit. This is the perfect time of year to try our recommended wine pairings while admiring your Park West Gallery art collection.



"Love on Blends 2006" by Peter Max (2006)

“Love on Blends 2006” by Peter Max (2006)

Peter Max
Just looking at a Peter Max work of art with its lively and peaceful subjects can brighten your day. Italy’s most popular wine, pinot grigio, has crisp and zippy qualities that go well with Max’s energetic style. This white wine has a broad range of fruity notes – pear, lemon, apple and melon – that will bring out Max’s rainbow palette of psychedelic colors.



"Self-Poised" by Itzchak Tarkay

“Self-Poised” by Itzchak Tarkay

Itzchak Tarkay

Like Itzckak Tarkay’s artwork, chardonnay is very popular as well as versatile. Chardonnay, a white wine, has notes of different flavors that surprisingly go very well together. As you appreciate Tarkay’s expert eye for color compositions, your palate will detect notes varying from oak to tropical fruits.



"Wine for Three" by Anatole Krasnyansky

“Wine for Three” by Anatole Krasnyansky

Anatole Krasnyansky
Merlot, a red wine, is an exotic imagery that mirrors Anatole Krasnyansky’s surreal Eastern imagery. The artist works with rich, bold colors. He even developed a new technique of using watercolor on rice paper that made the water-based paint even more striking. Merlot’s bold flavors of plums, cherries, blueberries, and black pepper will be just as breathtaking as Krasnansky’s artwork.



Pino’s subjects are usually gorgeous women in bright, airy settings that seem to be suspended in time. Similarly moscato contains the same sensuality and sweetness with a dash of drama. The white dessert wine has a perfume-like fragrance with notes of orange-blossom, ginger, peach, and apricot. Honeysuckle and almond flavors echo Pino’s inspiration and hint at memories of the past.



"Elizabeth" by Nano Lopez

“Elizabeth” by Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez
Nano Lopez’s whimsical “Nanimals” are a mixture of nature and man-made objects. The Colombian-born artist adds electrifying splashes of patina. With this in mind, enjoy a glass of red shiraz while viewing Lopez’s art. The spicy wine complements the tropical colors and dynamic characteristics. The “Nanimals” have a variety of textures and features that will assist you in appreciating the subtle and exotic flavors in shiraz: black cherry, bell pepper, black pepper, clove, dark chocolate, and licorice.



Charles Lee

Charles Lee has two distinctive styles, one rooted in traditional figurative representation and a more abstracted style. If you have either or both in your collection, enjoy admiring your artwork with a glass of riesling. Riesling is a modern white wine that is available with different levels of dryness. The different styles make it a great pairing for an array of dishes, not to mention Lee’s diversity.



Robert Kipniss
Robert Kipniss’ is known for his stark and moody mezzotints. These mysterious landscapes are devoid of people and allow him to explore the effect of lights and shadow in muted tones. To fully immerse yourself in these enigmatic landscapes, enjoy with a glass of malbac, produced from red grapes in Argentina . Malbac’s dark and inky of flavors of smoke, earth, leather and blackberry are the perfect match.

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