5 Park West artists that put the art in heart

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On Valentine’s Day, hearts can be found everywhere. However, no one captures the heart so vividly and in so many ways than Park West Gallery artists. Here are just five of our artists that use the symbol of love in their works.

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Peter Max

Peter Max Heart Series

Heart Series” by Peter Max.

Peter Max Angel with Heart on Blends

Angel with Heart on Blends” by Peter Max.

Pop artist Peter Max is known for including hearts in his art. His love of movies, spirituality, comic books and music influenced his style at an early age, as seen with his choice of bold colors and outlines. Some of his most famous works use the love-inducing icon, such as “Angel with Heart.”


Romero Britto

Romero Britto South Beach Couple

South Beach Couple” by Romero Britto.

Romeo Britto Deeply in Love Too

“Deeply in Love Too” by Romero Britto.

Romero Britto loves to incorporate hearts with his colorful Neo-pop cubism, whether it is two fish kissing, the clinking of wine glasses or people simply showing affection. He even included one when he was selected to create the artwork for Absolut Vodka’s Absolut in America 25th anniversary bottle.


Autumn de Forest

Autumn de Forest Dripping Heart I

“Dripping Heart I” by Autumn de Forest.

Autumn de Forest Universe of Love Ver. V #1

“Universe of Love Ver. V #1” by Autumn de Forest.

Autumn de Forest, Park West Gallery’s youngest artist, uses hearts on occasion to make her colorful and fun paintings even more expressive and thoughtful. The hearts can be in a dripping field, the center of attention in an explosion of color, or even an accent to her signature.


Simon Bull

Simon Bull Make it Happen I

Make it Happen I” by Simon Bull.

Simon Bull Star Spangled III

Star Spangled III” by Simon Bull.

Aside from his rich and vibrant flower paintings, an oft-used motif for Simon Bull is the heart. The English-born artist uses bold colors and a gestural painting style, and brings out feelings of patriotism with his combination of hearts and the U.S. flag.


Alfred “Alex” Gockel

Alfred Gockel Untitled

Untitled” by Alfred Gockel.

Alfred Gockel USOC Olympic Celebration Poster

USOC Olympic Celebration Poster” by Alfred Gockel.

The ambidextrous Alfred Gockel once said “my purpose is to express my joy in life and to show that we can overcome many obstacles through the expressions of life’s beauties.” What better way could the German artist express joy and beauty in his unique and abstract artwork than with a heart?

Tell us in the comments section what you like the best about these lovely works of art, or if there are other Park West Gallery artists you love that use hearts in art.

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