31 Magical Works by Sculptor Nano Lopez Available for Limited Time

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"Foxy" (2017), Nano Lopez

“Foxy” (2017), Nano Lopez

Looking for something extraordinary? You won’t want to miss this new collection of bronze sculptures from Colombian sculptor Nano Lopez. Park West Gallery is proud to offer 31 works from Lopez in this extremely limited-time sale collection.

Due to the demanding nature of Lopez’s work, his sculptures sell out quickly and can be very hard to find, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity to take home one of Lopez’s magical creations.

Lopez once told us that, “Everything is a miracle, everything is amazing—life in general, all life is amazing. The richness of the world is my inspiration.”

Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez

You can see that boundless optimism and imagination at work in every one of his sculptures. Lopez is world famous for his iconic “Nanimals,” his series of ingenious bronze works that bring to life a menagerie of playful animal characters.

Lopez carefully crafts each “Nanimal,” imbuing them all with an astounding level of detail and personality. He creates a backstory for each animal, which develops and expands as he works on each one.

“Sometimes the piece might have the basic story from the beginning, but sometimes the story develops,” Lopez says. “I always say I have communication with the piece.”

"Sherlock" (2010)

“Sherlock” (2010), Nano Lopez

Born in Colombia, Lopez first began sculpting in the 1970s, after studying at the School of David Manzur, The Rembrandt Academy, and the National University in Bogota. Since then, he’s become known around the globe for his wildly original and irreverent sculptures.

To create his “Nanimals,” he utilizes what’s known as the “lost wax” process, an intricate technique that sculptors have been using for thousands of years.

"Arthur the Believer" (2017)

“Arthur the Believer” (2017), Nano Lopez

Lopez begins with early sketches and then sculpts with clay to bring his artistic vision to life. Next, he casts a silicone mold from his original clay sculpture, and then pours wax into this mold to create a wax version of the sculpture.

The wax version is coated in multiple layers of liquid ceramic and placed in a kiln. The name “lost wax” is derived from how the wax melts out of the ceramic mold.

"Maria and the Seeds" (2013)

“Maria and the Seeds” (2013), Nano Lopez

From there, Lopez forms a bronze version of his design by pouring molten bronze into the ceramic shell. Once cooled, this final sculpture is cleaned, polished, and painted, all of which is finished with a protective clear coating. Each sculpture takes several months to complete.

If you’ve ever been entranced by one of Lopez’s designs, this is the perfect time to add a “Nanimal” to your collection.

To collect one of these amazing works by Nano Lopez, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.

"Tina" (2009)

“Tina” (2009), Nano Lopez


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