Through the Looking-Glass: Lebo Reveals Plexiglass Painting Collection

As an artist, David “Lebo” Le Batard has never shied away from a challenge. He’s created everything from paintings to tapestries. He’s built sculptures, designed murals, and even painted the [...]

Guy Harvey Interview: The Artist Talks Ocean Conservation, Tiger Sharks, and More

People around the world know the name “Guy Harvey.” While he first became famous for his paintings of ocean life and game fish, Harvey has since transformed his acclaimed art into a hugely [...]

Behind the Artist: Bernard Louedin

To some, imagination starts and stops with childhood. To Bernard Louedin—French painter, sculptor, and illustrator—imagination isn’t something that simply expires over time; it informs it. [...]

Interior/Exterior Visions: Examining the Art of Fanch Ledan

François “Fanch” Ledan is an exceptional painter and printmaker. In following essay—taken from the book “Fanch: The Graphic Work”—art scholar Eleanor Hight, Ph.D. provides an excellent history of [...]

Meet Walfrido: Our Exclusive Interview with the Seascape Artist

In his youth, the artist Walfrido was lucky enough to find the ideal artistic mentor—his father. A second-generation artist, Walfrido is the son of acclaimed artist Edgardo F. Garcia and, under [...]

Artist Michael Cheval Talks About His Ideas, Inspirations, and ‘Explaining’ His Art

Looking at a Michael Cheval painting can be a mind-bending experience. Once you stop admiring his technical skill, you find yourself drawn into the surreal landscapes and absurd narratives that [...]

Meet Craig Tracy: An Exclusive Interview with the Body-Painting Legend

Craig Tracy was never interested in conventional art. Though he trained for years as an illustrator, it wasn’t until he began experimenting with the ancient art of body-painting that he truly [...]

Art and Health: The Real-World Benefits of Viewing Art

Want to improve your health? Forget fad diets or fasts and try looking at some art. It’s true—recent studies and research have proven that a trip to the art gallery or a museum can [...]

Get Lost in New Works by Famed Impressionist Duaiv in Our Spring Sale

A hugely talented artist and musician, Duaiv has spent the last 40 years developing a reputation as one of the world’s leading contemporary impressionists. Now, a fantastic collection of [...]

Acclaimed Realist Alexander Chen Unveils New ‘American West’ Collection

If you’ve ever seen a painting by Alexander Chen, you can understand why he describes his art as “hyper-realism.” Chen isn’t just a realist painter. He specializes in bringing a level of [...]

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