Don’t Miss These 4 Memorable Works from Our 2018 Summer Sale

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Matt Beyrer Summer Sale Park West Gallery

A framed version of “Midnight Rider” (2017) by Matt Beyrer

With more than 500 works of art available during Park West’s 2018 Summer Sale, it might seem hard to choose a favorite.

It’s understandable—for art lovers, picking a favorite artwork or artist is like picking a favorite parent or child, and with artists like Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, and Pino included in the collection, it’s practically an impossible decision.

After twisting some arms, we convinced four brave Park West experts to each call out a few favorite works from our Summer Sale that they think our collectors absolutely, positively should not miss.

Here are their picks:


“Better World Detail Ver. VI # 18” (2008), Peter Max

Peter Max Better World Detail Ver. VI #18

Better World Detail Ver. VI #18” (2008), Peter Max

Sometimes an artist needs to express themselves in a big way, requiring more space than the standard canvas can provide. In the case of iconic Pop artist Peter Max, he felt the need to express his vision for a better world on a 6.25-foot by 2.5-foot canvas.

This unique painting certainly left an impression on David Gorman, Park West’s Gallery Director. He took notice when the gallery hung the painting for its limited-time sale featuring more than 60 works by Max.

“This is a rare opportunity to collect a rather large, vintage painting from Max,” Gorman says. “This painting represents the largest work available in the Park West Gallery collection.”

The huge painting features a bright sunset over a colorful, shimmering body of water. Max painted a woman’s profile over the glowing sun. Max’s penchant for painting women was once described by the late Eileen Ford, co-founder of the Ford Models agency, as “reminiscent of Matisse and Picasso.”


“Midnight Rider” (2017), Matt Beyrer

Park West Gallery Matt Beyrer Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider” (2017), Matt Beyrer

This caldograph by Matt Beyrer wonderfully captures a nighttime balloon ride in a cloudy sky over swirling waters. While the imagery itself is unforgettable, Gallery Consultant Lisa Hershberger says she finds herself awestruck by Beyrer’s brilliant and dramatic use of wood grain.

“Although this is one of those times when the viewer is inclined to think that the wood is doing all the work for the artist, if you compare ‘Midnight Rider’ to ‘A Time to Remember’, also in the sale, you will see that Mr. Beyrer has achieved a completely different atmosphere for water and sky using the existing wood grain in that edition to express a different ambiance,” Hershberger says.

Hershberger believes the sign of gifted artist is one who reveals the imagery hidden in the medium. Beyrer is certainly a master of his element when it comes to caldographs, making this a worthwhile addition to any collection.


“Hommage to Einstein” (2017), Ron Agam

Ron Agam Park West Gallery

Hommage to Einstein” (2017), Ron Agam

Gallery Consultant Trista Maltby thinks art fans will be mesmerized by the kinetic art of Ron Agam, son of Yaacov Agam, a pioneer of the kinetic art movement. Like his father, Ron enjoys incorporating movement into his works to actively engage the viewer.

“He creates kinetic art like his father, but his ‘three-dimensional kinetic’ artworks have a distinct style with his use of geometry and play of shapes,” Maltby says.

Maltby says “Hommage to Einstein” is a fantastic work for collectors looking for artwork grounded in art history. Ron is inspired by the Russian Constructionists, the Suprematism movement, and Bauhaus artists.


“La Grande Lumiere Jaune” (1997), Marcel Mouly 

Park West Gallery Summer Sale Marcel Mouly

La Grande Lumiere Jaune” (1997), Marcel Mouly

The late Marcel Mouly not only studied in the same tradition as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, he even met Picasso and exhibited his artwork alongside Matisse. Mouly’s art is now found in the permanent collections of more than 20 museums.

With this in mind, Gallery Consultant Mike Snodgrass says finding a one-of-a-kind Mouly painting can be difficult, let alone one that is decades old and never previously owned. However, hanging in Park West Gallery is “La Grande Lumiere Jaune,” a large work by Mouly that needs to be experienced in person.

“I tell clients every day that computer images don’t do actual artworks any justice—they are always many times better in person—and this is a quintessential example,” Snodgrass says. “The title (The Great Yellow Light) says it all: in person, the light radiates from within this work as if Mouly put the sun itself inside the canvas; every client who walks through stops to stare in awe.”


What’s your favorite work from our 2018 Summer Sale? Click here to view the entire collection and see if you can pick just one.

If you’re interested in collecting any of the works mentioned in this article or any other works from our Summer Sale, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

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