Innovator Sam Park Redefines Realism With His Palette Knife

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“Walkway to Capri” (2015), Sam Park

With his style rooted in Impressionism, artist Sam Park wants his artwork to evoke emotions in its viewers. Specifically, he has one goal in mind.

“When people look at my art, I want them to be happy,” Park says.

“Colmar France” (2020), Sam Park

Park is the innovator of New Impressionism, a style influenced by French Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism. Both styles emphasize the depiction of light in art. The latter movement focuses on the use of refined dots and blocks of color to create a sense of organization.

Park applies vibrant paint to his canvases using a palette knife. The artist’s mastery of the palette knife allows him the freedom to add texture as well as fine details. Coupled with his infusion of emotion and atmosphere, Park’s art transports its viewers to locations around the world without the need to travel to them.

Park West Gallery Sam Park

Sam Park uses a palette knife to create colorful, detailed landscapes and cityscapes.

Park grew up in Seoul, South Korea, where he began painting at age 12. His father discouraged Park’s interest in art, wishing for him to instead pursue a career in business. Despite his dad’s objections, Park studied art at the Chung-Ang University (formerly the Seorabeol Art College) and spent a semester in Paris in 1982.

Park bolstered his initial success by winning first place at an Olympic Games-sponsored art competition in 1984. The art he created for the competition is on permanent display at the headquarters of the Hyundai Corporation. Adding to the artist’s acclaim, Park created paintings for the President of Cyprus for the Presidential Palace’s collection.

“Costa Baraba” (2019), Sam Park

Sam Park and his family moved to the United States in 1994 and presently resides in Southern California. He has held more than 70 one-man shows during his career.


In Park West Gallery’s exclusive video, Park reveals how the world around him serves as inspiration for his art—from the sky to the flowers in his garden.

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  • Larry Greathouse

    Have three painting from s park obtained in Greece about 1990. Style (unfinished). Could this be the same artist. One titled “Gateway to Greece”. Thanks.

    • james stirling

      Mr Park, I am a sixty six year old man from Scotland, and I recently purchased one your works on board a cruise, only a lithograph, but it shows your work and is now hanging upon my wall. First the impression it has made upon me is astonishing, I looked you up and found that you paint things with a palette knife this has left me completely bewildered that an artist can be this talented. So I simply write to say thank you I look upon your work every day and it fills my heart, This is the only time in my life that I have written to someone I do not know so please forgive me for this. May you continue to work forever.

      Sincerely yours James G Stirling

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