Innovator Sam Park Redefines Realism With His Palette Knife

With his style rooted in Impressionism, artist Sam Park wants his artwork to evoke emotions in its viewers. Specifically, he has one goal in mind. “When people look at my art, I want them to be [...]

Artist Sam Park Talks About Creating ‘New’ Impressionism

It truly takes a talented artist to reimagine and create a style, and Sam Park is one of the many Park West Gallery artists to have achieved this feat. When Park graduated from university, he [...]

Artist Birthdays December 2 – GEORGES SEURAT

Today's artist birthdays.

Artist Birthdays November 11 – PAUL SIGNAC

Today's artist birthdays.

“Some Say They See Poetry In My Paintings”

George Seurat - born December 2, 1859 in Paris, France - was only 26 years old when he completed the masterpiece A Sunday on La Grande Jatte