50 Works by Artist Michael Godard Now Available in Park West’s New Spring Sale

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"$100 Bill Full House," Michael Godard

“$100 Bill Full House,” Michael Godard

The irreverent, unforgettable art of Michael Godard is the star attraction of Park West Gallery’s new 2020 Spring Sale.

This new collection from the Las Vegas art icon features 50 works in a wide range of exciting mediums, including Godard’s first-ever 3-dimensional sculptographs! You can view the entire new Godard collection here OR contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.

On the surface, Michael Godard more resembles a rock star than an accomplished visual artist, but make no mistake… Godard is the real deal. He’s become one of the biggest names in contemporary popular art, and he specializes in bringing to life playful imagery inspired by the Pop aesthetic of his famous hometown.

One of the centerpieces of this sale is Godard’s new “Heavy Metal” collection, a fantastic marriage between sculptographs and dye-sublimation on aluminum. Every ounce of technology and innovation that Park West has created over the past fifty years has gone into the creation of these works.

A selection of Godard's new sculptographs

A selection of Godard’s new sculptographs

These “Heavy Metal” sculptographs—a hybrid of graphic works and sculpture—capture some of Michael Godard’s most iconic imagery in a 3-D format that brings his art to life like never before.

Every work combines multiple, intricate layers—aluminum, plexiglass, and sculpted levels—to construct a truly immersive viewing experience. The level of detail and depth of these sculptographs is amazing and exactly what you would expect from an innovator like Godard.

Getting up close to a Godard sculptograph reveals different depths and levels.

Getting up close to a Godard sculptograph reveals different depths and levels.

But sculptographs aren’t the only medium available in this Spring Sale. Collectors will also have access to Godard’s new collection of paintings on paper, which Godard refers to as his “Brushstrokes.”

These minimalistic, black-and-white works showcase Godard’s technical mastery at its best. There are no pencil sketches guiding these “Brushstrokes.” This is painting directly on paper, highlighting Godard’s skill as a draftsman.

"Can You Pass the Bar?," Michael Godard

“Can You Pass the Bar?,” Michael Godard

However, if you looking for something more classically “Godard,” this Spring Sale event also has a wide selection of exciting, original acrylic paintings and mixed-media paintings by the artist too.

"I Love to Swim," Michael Godard

“I Love to Swim,” Michael Godard

For his mixed-media creations, Godard utilizes a graphic medium to set the stage and establish a common theme across a series of paintings. He then creates unique stories based on the wild antics of his olives, grapes, and other iconic characters, changing the narrative from piece to piece. The only limit is his imagination, which appears to have no end.

"Cliffside Castle," Michael Godard

“Cliffside Castle,” Michael Godard

Every single work in this new collection is fun and evocative, steeped in Godard’s signature style. And Godard has never been hotter, coming off sold-out gallery shows around the world and a major museum exhibition at Tennessee’s Monthaven Arts Center.

This collection also features two works from Godard’s “Hearts of Hope” series—the artist donates all of his profits from this series to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

"Hearts of Hope (W)," Michael Godard

“Hearts of Hope (W),” Michael Godard

This is the perfect time to take home an original work by Michael Godard, captured in some of the most sought-after mediums in contemporary art. Don’t miss this opportunity!

To collect works from Park West’s new Michael Godard collection, just contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.

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  • Edward Hru

    Have one already and will get more in the future. We love Michael Godard’s work.

  • Sabrina V Kraft

    I was recently in the Rio in Las Vegas in Michael Goddard’s shop. I started visiting with this great couple. Renee and I instantly bonded over the love of Goddard. I had recently purchased his book in the shop and was telling them as fellow collectors that they just had to buy the book. All of a sudden Renee said to me, ” I am buying you a framed Michael Goddard print as a gift to you.” This was a perfect stranger, that I met less than an hour earlier. I protested, saying that though the offer was way too generous, that she did not even know my name or anything about me, and that I just could not accept such a loving offer. She continued to insist and picked out the framed print “ON THE THRONE”. She purchased the print for me then and there on the spot. We began a wonderful and lasting friendship at that point. If I had the opportunity, I would cherish the opportunity to attend his special event in October. I live in Montana, and NO ONE even knows who Michael Goddard is. Park West introduced me to love Michael Goddard with the many Royal Caribbean cruises my husband and I have taken. Thank you Michael Goddard for who you are. Sabrina V Kraft

  • Richard L. Nimz

    It was fun to see Michael Goddard’s works of art at the Galveston, Texas, land event in February.

  • berri winnick

    I saw Michael Goddard’s Vincent Van Gogh on at a cruise auction…the more I looked at it, the funnier it got. It now hangs over the fireplace in my living room😊

    • Robert Kinney

      I just bought my 4th artwork of his. I saw him and Dee Snider on “COUNTING CARS” years ago and did not know who he was at the time, then at an auction, it fell into place.

  • Susie Huetteman

    I LOVE his olives! His art has so much character with a touch of humor. Not only is he a fabulous artist, but he’s a good person. It was a treat to meet him.

  • Michael Godard

    Thanks for all the kind words and sharing your experiences! I feel so blessed to be able to create art that puts a smile on the faces of your friends and family. Love it ❤️ Hope to catch Olive you at one of my events !!
    -Michael Godard

    • Jay Cook

      Olive it up to fate if our paths cross again. Thank you again for all the kind words when we met at the Wigwam in AZ. Lots of love to you and your wife

  • Jay Cook

    We currently have 5 pieces of his amazing work!!!! We have a whole wall in our home dedicated to this amazing artist and human being. We had the pleasure of meeting him at a VIP show at the Wigwam. Truly an amazing person outside his amazing artwork.

    Can’t wait to get the sculptograph as we received the 3 original sketches already.

    Thank you Micheal for sharing your talent along with all that you do to give back to everyone, you truly are an angel. Hope you and the wife are doing well, I hope our paths cross again

  • Susan Groves

    Loved meeting Michael on a cruise with Park West. Bought several of his works, including that year’s Hearts of Hope. Love Michael’s art, but love the person more. He is terrific.

  • Robert Longabardi

    Have 4 Godards. Will be buying more in the future! Was lucky to meet Michael on a Cruise. One of, if not the nicest man I have ever met!!!!! Thank you for being the BEST!!

  • Robert Longabardi

    I have 4 Goodards. Will buy more in the future. Met Michael on a cruise. One of, if not the finest gentlemen I have ever met. If you are ever in Sun City Center Florida, you and family have an open invitation to dinner!! My wife is a great cook!! Stay well my friend!!

  • Charles Zirkle

    My wife and I recently met Michael and LeeAnn on the Celebrity Edge at VIP event and what an amazing and talented individual. Love his creations. Connye and I have been donors to St Judes for many years and appreciate his love for this wonderful charity and the work that they do. We are into smalls and were able to pick up his Marilyn at this event. We thoroughly having diner with the Godards. Hoping our paths will pass again down the road. Chuck Zirkle

  • Huey Roth

    We love Michael’s work. On our cruise we squires both “Halloween” and his Van Gogh. We now have 6 of his pieces. Looking forward to finding new art work too

  • Michelle Bosley

    Have several of Goddard’s works – especially his heart of hopes It just says so much in this painting
    My husband has the haunted house we he says shows eerie light at night
    We had the pleasure of meeting Michael & Leanne at a Park West event and the two of them were so down to earth and had of laughing so much
    Hope to see them again

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