Upcoming Appearance: Sylvain Roberge

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Québécois artist Sylvain Roberge, whose timeless and studied compositions pulse with energy and vitality, will be debuting a new collection of work at the Park West Gallery in Soho this Friday, October 27th at 5 PM. Roberge will also be in attendance that evening to meet and mingle with gallery visitors, and discuss his work and process in greater detail with prospective buyers and collectors.

In the artistic quest to display genuine emotions through his art, Roberge has developed a technique that merges modernism with antiquity: he uses the encaustic medium, which is a wax-based painting medium that was originally developed by the ancient Greeks. Because this medium dries quickly, Roberge must work quickly, and his rapid brushstrokes make the finished products hum with life.

Attendees of the Friday gallery opening will get a first look at the works on display, as well as a first chance to buy. This event is free and open to the public—no reservation necessary.

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