Tim Yanke work appears on The Bachelor

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A work from Tim Yanke's Kokopelli series in the background of "The Bachelor"

A work from Tim Yanke’s Kokopelli series in the background of “The Bachelor”


Fans of ABC’s “The Bachelor” may have noticed a familiar work of art in the background of the program. A work from artist Tim Yanke‘s Kokopelli series made a surprise guest appearance on the TV show with clips replayed this week on “Good Morning America.”

You can watch the full clip here.

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  • Fred Solmon

    I enjoy your news letters. However I would like to know why you cannot publish or reply on request or updated values for customers who have spent a lot of money with you.
    It is a shame that one would have to pay to get values so one can update and keep their insurance current.
    It would cost me a fortune to get actual appraisals a list of prices sent back would be adequate.
    Please favor me with a reply. I am talking about roughly 10 pieces.
    Fred Solmon

  • Richard

    I recently asked PW for the amount I have spent and they not only provided me the amount, they sent copies of everything I purchased. Great Job thanks

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