The Inspiring Message Behind Abstract Artist Kre8’s Faceless Figures

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The artist Kre8 lives his life by a simple code: “You have to become whatever you do, no matter what your craft is.”

This fine artist from Miami is taking the art world by storm, having broken records at Park West’s online auctions this year for the most works sold by any artist in a single day. His hugely popular blend of street art and Surrealism is inspired by his everyday struggles, which gives his artwork a universal appeal that is winning over collectors across the globe.

“Day Dream” (2018), Kre8

“I’m trying to lead by example and expose people to whatever they need to be exposed to,” Kre8 told Park West collectors during a recent telecast interview.

Every week, Park West live-streams into the homes and studios of some of our most popular artists. During these live-streams, our clients get exclusive insights into our artists’ latest works and inspirations. In his most recent interview, Kre8 was asked why he chooses not to paint faces. Not only was his answer deeply inspiring, but it gave collectors further insight into his symbolism, subject matter, and personal life.

“Knowledge of Self” (2020), Kre8

When Kre8 was 24, he became a tattoo artist. In his effort to “become” his craft, he made significant changes to his appearance, and that had an effect on how people acted towards him in public.

“I’m not sure if you can tell, but I look a little abrasive. My ears are stretched and I have tattoos on my face,” Kre8 remarked. “When I was in the tattoo shop, I was the man! But, as soon as I went and got lunch, I would instantly get profiled as a lowlife. People would cross the street or look at me like I was going to steal from them.”

Abstract Artist Kre8 on a skype call in his studio

Artist Kre8 in his studio

When Kre8 transitioned from tattooing to fine art, many of his peers told him that the only way to be a great artist was to master the human face and anatomy. But Kre8’s life experience had shown him that there is much more to a person than just their face.

“I say all the time that we are living in a world of vanity. If you aren’t pretty enough or not handsome enough, then you just don’t fit the status quo,” Kre8 explained. “I know I’m not the only one who gets judged on a daily basis. I thought that maybe if I took the face and that emotion out of my artwork, then you would see my art in its rawest form, which is just art.”

“Class Act” (2020), Kre8

Kre8 chooses not to paint faces because he wants his artwork to be universal. But his message doesn’t only apply to his art, it also applies to everyone who encounters it. Each of his works are meant to reflect the viewer, not just the artist.

“If there is a face in the work, then it can’t be a self-portrait because the image is of someone else. If there isn’t a face there, then all my paintings are self-portraits for all of us.”

“Dapper Dan” (2020), Kre8

This universal message of acceptance and love is one of the many reasons collectors have fallen for Kre8’s artwork. He has successfully “become” his craft and, through his art, he tells his own story in a captivating and meaningful way.

“I know that if I feel this way about being judged, then I know there’s another person, or maybe hundreds, or even millions who have that same encounter. Who knows? I’m just trying to enlighten myself and inspire people.”

“The Harmony of Chaos” (2020), Kre8

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