The Art of Nature With David Najar

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David Najar Park West Gallery

Endless Meadow” (2015), David Najar

Photography can freeze a moment in nature, but the artwork of David Najar goes beyond capturing natural aesthetics by encapsulating the feelings, ambiance and beauty of nature.

When viewing artwork created by Najar, it is easy to sense that there is more to his visuals than a colorful tree or field of poppies. The reason, perhaps, is because Najar shows a little bit of himself in each work, inviting viewers to share in his passion for nature.

“It’s not just shapes and colors, you see the harmony, the symbiosis, the unconditional love,” he says of nature. “I try to share with someone who looks at it the feeling that I have when I look at the colors, the movement there, the quietness.”

David Najar Park West Gallery

“A Scene of Autumn” (2014), David Najar

Najar’s landscapes are typically not based on actual places. Aspects here and there may borrow from reality, but he combines them with his imagination. He often lingers in a spot when traveling or walking outside, absorbing the feelings and atmosphere so he can then imbue his art with them.

In general, Najar concentrates on landscapes that depict nature untouched by man, preserving it in its true form.

“It can be everywhere, it’s kind of like a window in your home,” he says. “It’s not something typical of one place. Sometimes I can feel like I’m in an ocean mood, sometimes I can feel like I’m in a desert mood. There is a beauty in every inch of them.”

David Najar Park West Gallery

Along the Sandy Banks” (2015), David Najar

Najar wants viewers to use his art as a reason to stop, take a breather and appreciate life and their surroundings.

“I try to give you something where your soul can feel at home,” he says.

When it comes to pinning down why nature inspires him, Najar finds it hard to put into words. He compares being inspired to connecting to a wi-fi network on your cell phone – depending on where you are or what provides it, you have a stronger connection. The strongest signal Najar receives is from nature, calling it his “muse.”

Similarly, Najar doesn’t consider himself religious or a philosopher, but he gravitates toward the idea that nature is the ultimate artistic expression of God.

“The middle name of God is nature,” Najar says. “I learned when I was a kid, and it’s still in my mind, you can feel God in two ways – from the book or from the nature.”

David Najar Park West Gallery

Spring Buds” (2015), David Najar

The fact that nature can be viewed as timeless is a favorite theme for Najar. He says if he paints a figure, aspects such as their clothing or age denotes an era or decade, whereas nature is not as limited.

“In nature there is no time, it can be 10,000 years ago or 400 years later,” he says. “All of these things around us are beautiful and amazing.”


Najar’s natural technique

David Najar Krav Maga Park West Gallery

David Najar painting while visiting Park West Gallery’s Miami Lakes fulfillment center

Considered a Contemporary Expressionist, Najar paints by instinct and with spontaneity. He says about 40 percent of his technique is based in abstraction, noting that the closer one is to his works, the defined shapes begin to disappear into colors. He also touches upon surrealism in his works depicting the four seasons simultaneously.

david najar park west gallery

Seasons Change” (2014), David Najar

Najar says he is flattered by the amount of people who have approached him to say they wish they could be in the places he depicts. In turn, Najar is humbled and motivated to continue his journey of capturing the beauty of nature.

“It makes me smile on the inside, it makes me say ‘I did it,’” he says.

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