Guy Harvey Interview: The Artist Talks Ocean Conservation, Tiger Sharks, and More

People around the world know the name “Guy Harvey.” While he first became famous for his paintings of ocean life and game fish, Harvey has since transformed his acclaimed art into a hugely [...]

Park West Gallery Teams Up with Artists to Conserve Wildlife

Artists Guy Harvey and Andrew Bone don’t want their paintings to become the only remaining evidence of Earth’s diverse wildlife. Bone and Harvey do more than just paint beautiful images of [...]

Celebrating Guy Harvey: A Man and His Sea

November 5 was a memorable night for Park West Gallery marine artist, conservationist and scientist, Dr. Guy Harvey. Park West Gallery joined numerous other sponsors, colleagues, marine [...]

The Science of Guy Harvey Art

Observing a work of art by Guy Harvey is like leaping into the ocean and watching the wildlife swim before your eyes. But what makes Harvey’s artwork so lifelike? To put it one way, Harvey has [...]