Britto Painting Makes Cruise Ship Wedding an Event to Remember

Carolyn and Christopher pose with their new Romero Britto painting at their wedding.

There are wedding day stories where everything goes wrong—it rains, the groom is late, the cake topples over. This is NOT one of those stories.

Instead, this is a story about how a young couple’s wedding day was transformed into something magical thanks to a work of art by Romero Britto.

It began when the couple, Carolyn and Christopher, decided to elope on a cruise ship.

They booked their wedding cruise on Royal Caribbean International’s Anthem of the Seas and arranged to be married on board the ship in late February. The night before the ceremony, the couple attended one of their favorite onboard activities—an art auction.

Carolyn and Christopher are long-time Park West art collectors and, upon boarding, had already made fast friends with the Anthem of the Seas’ Art Team. They were interested in acquiring a new work at the auction, but, in their words, “We told ourselves that we would only purchase one work of art to commemorate our nuptials.”

However, at that auction, something unexpected happened. The auction team brought up a colorful painting by legendary Miami artist Britto—a painting of a smiling bride and groom.

“Honeymoon New Passion” (2017), Romero Britto – a similar work to the one that was displayed at the wedding

For Carolyn and Christopher, this felt like fate. That feeling intensified once they learned that the Britto painting was not typically offered in the Anthem’s onboard collection. It was serendipity that it was being auctioned that night.

The couple immediately bid on and won the Britto painting, seeing it as the perfect memento of their cruise ship wedding. According to the couple, “It was perfect—bright and joyful, colorful and happy.”

Thanks to the Park West Art Team, the painting actually became a part of the wedding itself. The Art Team arranged to have the Britto painting on display in the venue where Carolyn and Christopher were married the next day.

Carolyn and Christopher getting married, next to their new Britto painting, at their cruise ship wedding.

It was a meaningful backdrop for the couple and the Park West Art Team even attended their wedding, happily sharing in Carolyn and Christopher’s big day.

The couple sent Park West a kind note afterward saying: “We want to thank the entire Park West team on the Anthem of the Seas for helping us find beautiful art at great deals, all while sharing champagne, our wedding cake, stories, and laughs. Let’s just say we brought home more than just one work of art this trip.”

Carolyn and Christopher posing with the Park West Art Team on board Royal Caribbean International’s Anthem of the Seas.

For more information on how to collect exclusive artwork by Britto, contact our gallery consultants during business hours at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or after hours.




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