Linda Le Kinff and the Art of Every Woman

The history of art is anything but steady. From the iconoclasts of Medieval Europe to the unhinged avant-gardes of the Great War, few conventions have gone untested. The female figure is arguably [...]

How the Masters Changed Art History

How does one credit a great artist? Ascribing artistic greatness is no simple task. The definition itself is relative to the time and place of an artwork’s creation. Undoubtedly, it would be [...]

The Rise and Reign of Modern Art

In the last 150 years alone, the art world has taken a series of tenacious twists and turns. What was once defined by ornate encasements, master apprenticeships and royal commissions transformed [...]

CNN Video: Meet Peter Max

CNN Producer Ben Tinker sat down with Peter Max, arguably one of the best-known American artists of our time.

My First Park West VIP Art Cruise

Thank you from a Park West Gallery VIP Collector

Artists on Artists

Quotes from artists about other artists.

Park West Auctioneers Enhance Art Collecting Experience

Thank you from Park West Gallery collectors

Customer Corner: Park West VIP Guests Reflect

Thank you letters from Park West Gallery VIP collectors.

The Interior World of Fanch Ledan

The artist in his own words, excerpted from "Fanch, The Graphic Work"

Park West VIP Guests Enjoy Cruising with Artist Leslie Lew

Thank you from Park West Gallery VIP collectors.

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