How Olympic athletes inspired Tomasz Rut

The art of Tomasz Rut captures the beautiful acts and emotions of mankind with god-like figures that could have descended from Mt. Olympus. As it turns out, the real reasons behind Rut’s style is [...]

18 Park West artists who capture romance in art

On Valentine’s Day, we often think of hearts, boxes of chocolate, or jewelry. However, few mediums (or gifts) could more fully express the many nuances of love and romance than art. Whether it’s [...]

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The Art of Tomasz Rut: Park West Gallery Artist Series

Tomasz Rut's work is explored and explained.

Artists on Artists

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Seeking Inspiration in the Humanistic Tradition of Classical Art

Tomasz Rut's masterful illusionary images, both in scale and splendor, evoke the harmony and form of master painters, including the flamboyance of Rubens, the finesse of Caravaggio, and the [...]