Seeking Inspiration in the Humanistic Tradition of Classical Art

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Fornaresca II by Tomasz Rut“I look for inspiration in the humanistic tradition of classical art. My canvases express the entire spectrum of human emotions from exhilaration and cheerfulness to contentment, melancholy, pain, and agony.”
Tomasz Rut

Tomasz Rut’s masterful illusionary images, both in scale and splendor, evoke the harmony and form of master painters, including the flamboyance of Rubens, the finesse of Caravaggio, and the emotion of Michelangelo. Rut’s imaginary figures – centaurs, fauns, muses, and winged creatures – colorfully burst from the canvas with the grandiosity of Olympian Gods in active and dramatic poses.

Encouraged by his mother, a painter herself, as a child Rut was introduced to the Pompeiien Frescos and the magnificence of the Renaissance and the Baroque, which today inspire his stunning oils on canvas, sweeping murals and graphic works.

“My paintings give people the ability to learn, respond, and feel comfortable with the classics,” Rut says. “This gives me enough satisfaction to keep working for a lifetime”…Read more

View selections from the Tomasz Rut collection available at Park West Gallery

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