Park West VIP Guests Enjoy Cruising with Artist Leslie Lew

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Artist Leslie Lew

Artist Leslie Lew

Dear Park West Gallery,

We had the fortunate pleasure as VIP guests to be on a cruise with Ms. Leslie Lew. We very much appreciated her style of art and we were able to get to know Leslie on a personal level as well. We in fact purchased “Optimo” and “Felix the Cat.”

Leslie chose our 10 year old daughter, Emma, to be her “assistant” and Emma enjoyed painting with Leslie on a couple of paintings. When we received the “Felix the Cat” painting, it brought a smile to all our faces, but especially Emma as it held a special memory for her to actually paint with Leslie!

Leslie Lew Park West Gallery

“Reading Mickey” (2011), Leslie Lew

The VIP events are fantastic. We find them to be educational and having the artist on board and to actually paint with them adds another dimension to the event. With that particular VIP cruise (Carnival Glory), we were fortunate to meet a few artists. Leslie Lew has a natural way of connecting with the VIP attendees. Each of her pieces is truly special and unique and we love her work.

Thank you!

Lianne, Brian, and Emma K.
Tampa, Florida

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