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The words of Fanch Ledan

Excerpted from “Fanch, The Graphic Work” | Copyright 2003, Park West Gallery

‘One night in Paris is like a thousand nights in any other place.’ The dark blue color of the night highlights the inside and outside colors, and Paris, like many other magical cities, is an eternal source of inspiration. I am very attracted to this city, and coincidentally, Paris in French is feminine in gender.

After Hours in Paris by Fanch

The introduction of artworks by well-known artists on the walls of my ‘Interiorscapes’ [are] a modest tribute to all the past and living artists I admire during my visits to museums and galleries. Naturally, the interiors and settings are a mixture of dreamed dwellings and reality.

Interior with Max by Fanch

I spent all my childhood vacations on the beautiful beaches of Brittany, and I am forever attracted to beaches and oceans and all the activities that are possible around them: diving, fishing, sailing, kayaking, surfing, swimming, and tanning. Overlooking the vast and inspiring ocean from my atelier, I constantly find peace and emotional renewal.

Malaga Beach by Fanch

I have traveled for years between Europe and America, and I feel much enriched by the best of both worlds, neither old nor new anymore, but very complementary. I have many more places I wish to visit and paint, and the renewed excitement of a voyage, whether it is to Cuba or China, reflects my wonder at the amazing diversity of humanity, as well as the touching similarities of people around the world.

Interior with Three Masterpieces by Fanch

I hope that my inspiration remains fresh, and I want to keep thinking that my most exciting project is the next one and my favorite painting is the future one.

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