Marko Mavrovich: Sea of Passion

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Dreams of YouPark West Gallery artist Marko Mavrovich’s paintings reflect his lifelong passion with the sea. A Day in Portofino, Secrets of Venice, Sailing into Capri, Silent Canal. The titles alone conjure images of golden sunlit strolls along a beach, romantic moonlit vistas, the gentle rocking of a boat at rest and the heady scent of bougainvillea mixing with salty sea breezes.

Marko’s paintings are windows to places we have been or would love to visit. His love of the sea and the effects of light and color are a prominent theme in his work.

Although he was self-taught, he credits the work of American landscape painter, Winslow Homer, and most of all the watercolor paintings of his father, Miro, as influencing his style. It was not until his father died and Marko moved back to the United States for a better way of life that his love for his art finally won over his love for the sea.

As Marko explained, “Here I am today with the biggest, greatest art dealer in the world. I’m really happy to be here at Park West Gallery.”

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