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* This contest has now ended. The winners will be posted below during the week of April 18-22, so please check back to see if you’ve won—and thank you for entering!

Share your Park West Gallery experience with us for the chance to WIN an amazing prize! Ever been to a Park West Gallery cruise art auction at sea? Or maybe you’ve attended a Park West Gallery event in your hometown? We want to know about your memorable Park West Gallery experiences!

Contest Rules and Prize Details


Q: How has the Park West Gallery experience inspired your passion for the arts?

  1. Simply post your answer to the question above in the comments below.
  2. Include your first name, last initial and email address in the comment form. Note: Emails will NOT be displayed publicly and will be used to contact the winners only.
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*Enter as many times as you’d like. Limit one prize per person.

Csaba Markus book, Park West GalleryTHE PRIZE

Ten lucky winners will be chosen at random from all of the entries. Winners will receive a copy of Csaba Markus: Gems and Rhapsodies, a gorgeous full-color coffee table book highlighting the life and works of the artist.

The contest winners will be posted at The Official Blog of Park West Gallery and also notified via email. Winners will be announced sometime between April 15-22, so bookmark this page and check back here to see if you’ve won!

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

Good Luck!


Each day this week (April 18-22), we’ll be posting the names of 2 of our 10 lucky winners. Be sure to check back to see if you’ve made the list! (Note: All winners will be notified via email once the full list has been posted.)

Monday, April 18, 2011
1. JAN C., posted April 5, 2011 at 5:00 pm
2. DAVID W., posted April 5, 2011 at 8:35 pm

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
3. MARLA C., posted April 5, 2011 at 5:45 pm
4. SANDRA B., posted April 5, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
5. MARK H., posted April 5, 2011 at 9:56 pm
6. RUSSELL S., posted April 6, 2011 at 9:21 am

Thursday, April 21, 2011
7. KIMBERLY B., posted April 5, 2011 at 7:42 pm
8. KAILYNN A., posted April 6, 2011 at 7:42 am

Friday, April 22, 2011
9. JENNIE W., posted April 11, 2011 at 10:54 pm
10. LOU M., posted April 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

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  • Julia J

    I have over 200 pieces that I bought on cruises. I have gone to special events in Georgia. My best memory is when I won a bid for an Agam piece that I thought I would never have.

  • Trish F

    I’ve got a huge Pangborn flower on my wall. Every morning when I wake up, it’s like someone went out to a field and picked me a fresh morning flower, except this flower never dies or wilts – it’s colors are always vibrant, it’s petals are always fresh, and it’s presence is always warm and welcoming. It’s become like coffee in the morning – I can’t live without it, and I just don’t know what I would do if I were to wake up and see it is missing! So I suppose the Park West Gallery “experience” has inspired me to find true pleasure, happiness, and peacefulness through a means which used to be quite foreign to me – through an artwork. It’s amazing what a talented artist can communicate with some paint and a brush, and everyday I am inspired – and reminded – of the beauty that awaits me at the dawn of a new day.

  • Mary M

    I started collecting art on a cruise ship and since have been fortunate enough to go to three land auctions as well as a VIP cruise – the Park West Experience can be summed up as “incredibly knowledgeable yet fun art experts helping me to select the perfect pieces for my home”. It’s like having a personal shopper for my artwork!

  • Kevin C.

    I went to my first art auction in 2005 on a cruise aboard the Carnival Triumph. Until I went to the auction, I had absolutely no interest in any kind of art. Just was not my cup of tea. I went to an auction and did buy one animation art. I then when to another auction the next year on a cruise, and bought a couple more pieces of art. Since then I have been to several land and sea auctions and have purchased over 60 pieces of art from Peter Max to Mouly, to Dali. Park West changed my thinking about art and opened my eyes to all the beautiful art around us. Thank you Park West.

  • Patrick M.

    It all started with a simple contest Park West held on a cruise I took sometime ago. In one fell swoop every preconceived notion I had about collecting art was crushed. By the end of the cruise I had purchased my first two pieces of art, learned much about the artists I had collected, and had tons of fun doing so. With every experience since, whether at sea or land, I can honestly say each time has always been better than the last. All culminating with a recent VIP cruise I attended, where I got too meet four amazing artists, even sat down for dinner with an artist I absolutely respect, purchased five more pieces of art ending with me collecting my first Albrecht Durer. What an amazing acquisition and marked improvement to my already impressive collection. I couldn’t be more proud!
    How did Park West spark this passion for art? It’s a very simple answer. They offer auctioneers that are very knowledgeable, are there even after the sale to answer any thoughts you may have, they removed the stuffiness one believes is pervasive in the art world, the auctions themselves are not so fast that they may intimidate you and scare you a way, and finally they are laid back enough so that any fears or hesitation you may have about collecting art just melts away.
    I am now the envy of family, friends, and neighbors. No one has entered my home without immediately remarking how wonderful the home looks and how the art I collected really makes my home stand out among others. So, with everything considered, how could I not have a passion for art. It has had a positive influence over my life and I have Park West to Thank for lighting the spark.

  • Christine F. D.

    My husband and I began to collect art on his first cruise in 2006. We went to the gallery, spoke to the Part West staff and then went to his first auction. That was it – we have been collecting from Park West ever since. Even when we try to resist, we are unable because we can not stay away from the fun staff, the incredible education we gain and the fun of the auctions. Well, our last cruise was no exception. Just a few weeks ago we were on the Norwegian Star. Of course we became groupies of Martin, Martin, Katie and Julian. They were so information, fun and helpful. Little did I know though what this cruise might have in store for us.
    At the last auction, having gone to all of them, Martin asked the audience if his job looked easy. My husband said “yes”, meaning that Martin made it look easy. Well, Martin invited my husband to come up and do his “job”. We were all laughing and my husband was a bit caught off gaurd. However, given that he has done some theater and can be quite a ham at times, I assumed he would jump at the chance for the fun. Well he continued to hem and haw and then another gentleman in the room yelled “send up your wife”. Next thing I know there is a wave of support for this idea spreading around the room.
    So now I find myself up front with Martin who has instructed me to auction off the next work of art. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! I told Martin after I was disappointed that since it was not a CP item, I never got to say “framed, matted and shipped” and use his hand gesture (if you know Martin from the Star this March then you know what I mean). He does this great sweeping gesture when he says “framed, matted and shipped” plus with his accent, it is great. Little did I know the auction was merely a give away but Martin and the room of people were so encouraging and I had so much fun. Needless to say I got home and looked up job openings for Park West. We shall see – maybe I will become an auctioneer some day. So yes, the education and art work we have collected bring us such pleasure but the memories I have of the people who work for Park West are the best parts. They have always enhanced our trips. I hate when it is time to say goodbye to them. This last trip, and my spin at playing auctioneer, was the best. I will never forget this. Thank you Park West.

  • Laurie M.

    It all started with a “mystery” set at our first at-sea art auction. Little did I know what an impact those three Brodinsky’s would have on our art collecting lives. Essentially, before this cruise, our art collecting lives were non-existant but with that first mystery purchase, I was hooked. How fun to raise your bid card and buy something without having to buy it! Of course, after seeing something so beautiful and realizing I can actually OWN something so beautiful, I did buy it and began setting up an art budget before each cruise we would take (and boy do we cruise!). We have so many paintings that I’ve had to lend them out to my nearest and dearest to decorate their homes. My house now has six beautiful Tarkay’s (including two landscapes that I absolutely adore), three Britto’s (including one in 3D – can you get more awesome than that), five Krasnyansky’s (in the old and new styles, I love the juxtaposition), our first (but hopefully not last) Peter Max and of course, three Brodinsky’s. On my last cruise, our auctioneer was trying to talk me in to an Agam/Britto/Max bundle and I explained to her that I don’t have enough wall space for so much new art and she explained to me that when you run out of wall space you don’t stop buying art, you start looking for a bigger house! We do want an upstairs addition someday….

  • Sue B.

    About 30 years ago we bought two Dali lithos at a Park West Auction. We paid around $100 for each one. They are still hanging in my home today (although they have been reframed) . People who see them love them. Also have purchased other works from the gallery. We love them all and have never let go of even a single piece. We have Dus and Ledan. All grace our home and make it a home.

  • Richard C

    A previous experience with Park West Gallery was aboard the Constellation, they invited Csaba Markus to explain his art. He paints the most beautiful faces that I have seen in a long time. My being more of a modern art collector I was not impressed by his work, until I saw a pencil sketch of a nude woman from the back and to my great surprise the face was a blank, total indistingyuishable as one of Csaba’s beautiful porcelain faces. I questioned him as to why with so many beautiful faces that you paint, this one has no face and he answered……………….. This is the perfect woman, you put whatever face you like on it, who am I to tell you what a perfect face looks like. This pencil sketch hangs on my wall and my experience with Csaba enhances the beauty of this perfect woman and this perfect piece of art.

  • Ronald H. Miller

    I love to tell the story of back in the early 70’s when Dr. S was driving himself to fundraising auctions in various cities. What occured was for an ORT function in Columbus , OH.. Prior to the auction my wife and I found displayed a Miro pencil signed litho (Eur. edition XXIII/XXV). We tagged it and sat down to wait. When it came up, Dr. S. asked for his starting bid and received no reply. He knew somebody had ask for the work and cut his opening bid to (remember the year) $600.00. In the silence I raised three fingers. He thought, hard, and finally said, “I have 300, who will give me 350? Silence. He looked at me, young, bright faced and naive, and said pointedly, “in the state of Ohio you need two bids to make an auction.” Still looking at me he said, “WHO will give me $350.00?” My hand went up, his hammer came down. He had me won over from then on. I have since bought other pieces of art from Park West; most recently on a cruise when I bought a Tarkey of three ladies at tea, in memory of my late wife and to celebrate our two daughters. Thank you Albert and I’m glad to say I knew you when.

  • Jan C.

    A few years ago we were on a cruise with another couple. The two ladies (one of which is me) decided to attend the art auctions. We went several days and finally I decided to buy a very large painting by Linda Kniff. It is just beautiful. When I got home, I checked around for prices on frames and they were exhorbitant! I called Park West and was told that they would pick it up, frame it and send it back. There were no shipping or pick up charges. She sent me an email with all the available frames from which to choose. I picked one and the price was very reasonable. They picked it up, framed it and delivered it. It is hanging on the center of a big wall in my living room. It is just beautiful!
    I look at it every day and admire its beauty.
    Thank you very much for the great service you provide. I would not hesitate to do this again at some time.

  • Tracy M

    I have always had a passion for great art and for many years now (10-15 years +?) I have been collecting fine art thru auctions at sea with Park West as well as their special auctions at resorts! I must say the most memorable time I had collecting art was when I sailed by invitation with Park West and artists Fanch Ledan and Peter Nixon on the NCL Jewel–Oh, My Gosh was that amazing! Not only were we treated like queens and kings–but the special private presentations were so informative and fun! Our small group of art investors were fun to hang out with and it was a great honor to really get to know the artists and have dinner with them! We even got to see them paint a few times!
    The Park West staff was amazingly gratious and very professional and hospitable. The special perks for us investors were numerous and very impressive. My only regret was that I could not collect every piece I fell in love with and had to select only a few! If you ever get one of these premier invitations–put everything on hold–and GO!!! You will be glad you did!

  • Marla Cowie

    I had lost nearly everything in Hurricane Katrina, including most of my spirit of adventure. A friend asked me to join her in a cruise to Barcelona leaving from Galveston. It would be my first ocean cruise and my first art auction, land or sea. We sipped champaign, joined in the festive air of the crowd, and listened to the knowledgeable Park West staff. Two Peter Max originals came up. Really? Peter Max? Up went my hand! Back came my spirit of adventure! Later that day I was invited to a special champaign reception for treasure-winners of the day.

    Now both works of art hang on the living room wall in my new, post Katrina home. Thanks Park West for bringing excitement back to my life. Thanks for the Peter Maxes, and thanks for the memories.

  • Doug H.

    We started seriously collecting art in the late 1980’s on trips to New York. Soho isn’t what it used to be. The galleries were intriguing and mystifying at the same time. The search for just the right piece and the right price was a daunting and somewhat lonely experience – even th0ugh we were together. We bought pieces we loved, but it was hard work – exhausting and expensive!

    I am not sure how we learned about the Park West auction coming to Cincinnati in 1989, but we found ourselves there and bought a small Charles Cobel lithograph for $30. The auction process was something new for us and a much more interesting experience. The next auction was better. The next ten were even better. We’ve stopped counting. Our walls are filled with beautiful art that enriches out lives every day.

    A Park West auction is an art show, an art history class, a social experience and a personal challenge – all rolled into one. Our collection has grown and evolved to a higher level than we could have imagined in 1989, thanks to Park West. We have kept some art, given some away, and even traded some in on better pieces. We’ve been to auctions on land, auctions a sea, special events, and even one at the gallery in Southfield. What a treat.

    Our relationship with Park West has become one we greatly value and we look forward to our next opportunity. What has inspired our passion? The art in our home gives us great pleasure, but it is the people of Park West who make the collecting experience special. Thank you!

  • John B

    Two years ago, I purchased 5 paintings on a Greek Is/Med tour. Everyone who sees them demands to know where I found them. So, of course, I tell them about Park West on the cruise. Awesome.

  • Jason M.

    My first Park West experience was on a 3 day cruise to Mexico on which I collected several works of art. I was a bit remorseful after my purchase, but when the artwork showed up and I began attending VIP events on land, I began to realize what the Park Westv experience was all about. Now, three years after the initial cruise I have many works of art adorning the walls of my home. The customer service, the aassociates, and the auctioneers are all exceptional. As in any business the name of the game is selling your product; however, I respect the methods that Park West uses to lure their customers into fine collecting experiences. I have attended several VIP events and have also been invited on a 7–day cruise on which I was able to meet several of the incredible Park West artists. No other gallery in the world can capture the true essence of artwork like Park West can. I am unbelievably grateful that I made that first purchase and have become a lifelong client of an incredible organization that caters to its customers – its collectors.

  • Paul hodgkinson

    Having bought some artwork on a cruise in 2009, my framed artwork did not arrive on time , and was subsequently delayed further due to damage in packaging , contacted park west representative who passed my information onto the production manager who wasvtruebto his word and had my art reframed at their expense and reimmbursed by shipping fees , this is truly the quality of a professional company willingnto go the extra mile for there clients . Well done Park West

    Best wishes to all concerned
    Paul Hodgkinson

  • Jon Messenger

    Between our wedding and my second deployment to Iraq, my wife and I had a short couple months to celebrate a honeymoon before I was gone for over a year. We decided to forego the traditional Hawaii or Carribean and, instead, take an Alaskan cruise.
    We knew we had a lot in common, and we’re truly going to do well as a couple. What we didn’t realize prior to that first sip of champagne at the Park West Auction, was our shared love of art. The moment the first paintings and prints arrived, my wife and I were hooked.
    We purchased a couple Hua Chen paintings and, against her more impressionistic tastes, a beautiful Peter Max. Since then, we’ve been to a number of other auctions, both at sea and on land, and have loved every one. Our house is now full of artwork solely from Park West.
    I can say, with all sincerity, that my wife and I made a family, but it’s Park West that gets to decorate our home.

  • Kimberly B

    My husband & I were on a cruise several years ago with his parents and we noticed the art auction and the great art being displayed. We decided to attend one of the auctions. Before the auction, we were viewing the art to be auctioned off and found our very first piece of a child drawing with chalk done by Lucille Raad. This child was the spitting image of our son at the time. We both decided we had to have this piece. So we signed up for the auction. When the piece came up, we were the 1st to bid. Then someone across the room also started bidding. We couldn’t see who the bidder was so we upped our bid wanting this piece. Again, they upped their bid. After the 3rd time, I stood up and looked across the room and to my amazement, it was my mother-in-law bidding against us. Neither of us knew we were bidding on the same piece. I got her attention and that was when we realized what was happening. Yes, my husband at the time & I purchased the piece and it is now still hanging proudly in my living room. After the auction, I called Park West and learned that they had another copy of this particular piece and we purchased it for my mother in law for mothers day!
    I’m now divorced but I still have the piece along with several other pieces that we purchased and have even attended approx 3 or 4 land auctions and purchased pieces at each of those. Thank you Park West for delivering such great artwork from fantastic artists. I love each and every piece of art that I have purchased. It has also been nice to meet some of the artists at these events.
    I know you have a buy back program that is new – but like I told one of your associates, why would I want to use this service when the art I purchased is what I love and the only reason I purchase the art is because it speaks to me. Every piece I have from Park West is special and I purchased it for a reason. I have even brought a couple of my friends into the Park West family.
    Thank you again for such great works of art and for sharing it with the rest of us to enjoy!

  • Babs G

    I’d been on cruises before, always admiring the works of art but never knowing anything about art. Finally one cruise I attended every auction, every seminar that was given and I learned what they had to teach. I made my first purchases (Bellet, Kras, Tarkay and some animation). In 2007 I then made my move: Peter Max. I was so happy, I burst into tears! What else could I do?? Also a glorious Mouly; I was so thrilled!

    I now have gotten my partner into art; Don has enjoyed this as well. We have bought many works together on the same 2 week cruise; Kras, LeKniff, Max, Erte and Tarkay. Our VIP cruise in December 2010 was amazing! Scott Jacobs and Csaba Markus along with Nano Lopez; what an experience. The art was the most incredible I’ve ever seen! And such a fun time with wonderful people. And French Lick Resort in March 2011 was a great opportunity to again see Csaba Markus, Leslie Lew and to have my picture taken with Peter Max…and again acquire some beautiful art. My first Agam and more Max!!! And my FIRST etching! I haven’t stopped smiling since I came home.

  • Dominica Berecsky

    Last year I was invited to attend a Special Exhibit of Art with surprise artists onboard to Florida and the Carribean. My husband could not attend so I asked my friend if she would like to come with me and she was thrilled at the chance. We stayed overnight in NYC and to my surprise we were escorted via bus to the art gallery of Mr. Peter Max ! WOW! My Favorite Artist of all! I told them they could not top that experience. What a surprise, What a Thrill! We were presented with a copy of Peter’s book of art b him and had our pictures taken with him (Boy I would Love to have a copy of that picture!) Wonder what happened to that picture?! Anyway, we then went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant and then the next Morning boarded an NCL ship and we were on our way. We were treated loyally everyday. Special dinners, cocktails before art previews, beautiful fresh fruit and canapes delivered our room daily and the company of the other art collectors was great. Everyday we met a new artist and learned about diffrent kinds of art we would not have had the opportunity to see elsewhere. I did puchase a beautiful piece from Nano and everyone who sees it in my dining room ‘Loves It’! My friend that came along with me and myself appreciated the wealth of knowledge we obtained on the cruise. My husband was so very sorry he could nt attend. I know he woould have loved it all! Again, Thank You so much for the experiences you have given me.

  • David W


    Quite simply, prior to attending a Park West auction aboard a Celebrity cruise in 2000, I was living with moderately priced and framed posters. It was on the high seas that I attended my first fine art auction/educational seminar held by Park West Gallery. It was also on-board that I bought my first piece of genuine “art” — Anatole Krasnyansky’s “Pairs” — and several pieces of animation art.

    Prior to our next cruise, my wife and I attended approximately one dozen land auctions in the Pittsburgh area. What a great time. The auctions. The auctioneers. The art. The wine. The ambiance established by the entire Park West staff. (Do you get the feeling that I love the feel of an art auction?) During this time, I/we purchased eight more pieces by Krasnyansky, as well as pieces by Alexander & Wissotsky, Erte, Fanc, Guttman, Schluss, and Mouly. Oh, did I mention that I took home each of these pieces “framed?” What a savings!

    On our next cruise (Royal Caribbean), bitten by the “art bug,” I attended every auction that the auctioneer held. It was such a relaxing experience, attending these events in such casual attire (swim trunks and t-shirt, etc). Much to even my amazement, I purchased three more pieces by Krasnyansky, a Guttman, a Le Kinff, a Brodinsky, and two more pieces of animation art. One of the added bonuses with Park West on this voyage was the two pieces of promo art (a Krasnyansky and a Schaefer & Miles) that I received as a result of laid-back, auction-time bidder “contests.”

    Need I go on? OK!

    The fire was ignited! My passion for art — and inevitably, the arts — was and is enormous. Where else can one learn so much about art and the artists? Where else can you purchase such wonderful framed art?

    As a result of these experiences — and the self-education that ensued — my wife and I have become involved in local theater and musical events.

    Thanks so much, Park West.

  • Nancy V.

    I have always loved art and never thought I could afford the real thing until I went on my first cruise 12 years ago. Seventeen (17) cruises later, I have collected many many pieces. My best memory is when I won a bid on a Peter Max acrylic on canvas original, a beautiful multi-colored heart which I still enjoy looking at everyday. Thank you Park West for introducing me to so many artists and such beautiful art.

  • Deborah F

    When I went on my very first cruise, I discovered Park West. The only rtist I really knew was Thomas Kincade. I purchased two of his paintings. I saw a Tomasz Rut, but because I wasn’t familiar, I passed it by. Until my next cruise a year later, I was sorry for my decision. On my second cruise, I got my Rut, and love it so much. I now have a Kincade room and a Rut room in my home. I am planning a trip to Michigan for this coming summer and am hoping to get to the gallery while I am there.

  • Victoria Router

    Park West has helped me realize my passion for the arts, of which has aided me in conclusively determining my career direction. As I am now going to university in order to take a bachelor of arts (honours) in art history program and enter this very field.

  • sandra Burchett

    Oh my goodness! There is so much to say! I’ve been a Park West collector for about 10 years, but I didn’t get serious about it until my cruise last year on the Freedom of the Seas. I learned so much about on that cruise! I went to every class that Park West offered, and learned so much about the different types of art, that I consider myself well versed at this time. And the artists that Park West chooses to represent are so wonderful and talented! I won’t rest until I have them all represented in my home! I’ve got a really good start with 2 by Max, and LeKniff, 2 by Simon Bull, a Yanke, a Tarki, and my new favorite, a GOCKLE!

    I now find that I have a passion for the bright and bold originals. Even though I have learned to respect and admire all the work that is put into lithographs, I still prefer the colors and strokes that can only be found in originals. I used to think that more modern art was a waste, but not anymore! I’ve come to appreciate the time and effort that is put into having just the perfect color blend, in just the right stoke width, to make the work a masterpiece! Each artist’s work that I have speaks to me. Some are calming, like my Tarki and Yanke. Others stir my sense of whimsy, like my Simon Bull’s and my Gockle. The Peter Max paintings are a puzzle waiting to be explored farther.

    I used to think that my home was pretty complete. But now, I know what it needs. More wonderful art! And I can’t just buy it anywhere. It has to come from someone that I trust. Park West. I’m still grieving the one that got away from my last Park West event, but hopefully, there will be other events!

    I recently went to an art gallery in the nearby town of Lexington. I was constantly comparing the quality of the local artists shown there with my favorite Park West artists. The locals simply couldn’t compete, yet they were asking higher prices than I found at Park West. I even asked about some of the works at the gallery, and found that they were done by the store owner while he was “playing around”. I don’t want to buy art from someone that is just “playing around!” I want art that I can feel proud of. That makes me proud to hand it in places of honor around my house.

    So how was my interest sparked? My first major purchase was a Peter Max about 10 years ago. I remember the auctioneer saying “If you don’t have a Max, get a Max. If you do have a Max, get a Max.” My husband was with me on that cruise. We went to every auction on board, thinking and thinking each time, wanting, but afraid to buy. On the final auction of the cruise, my husband turned to me during the auction and said “Bid”. Well, I did, and we lost that one. Now I’m glad that we did, because I won my 2nd choice, a mixed media version of “Beauty” by Peter Max. It absolutely makes the room! It makes me feel good everytime that I look at it. And isn’t that what great art is all about? It makes you feel good!
    Sandra B

  • carl

    Park West Gallery has made me a student of art collecting.

  • Joyce

    I never collected art before. Our friends invited us to an auction in Hauppauge NY. We found so many beautiful paintings and have been to more auctions. Your variety of paintings is astonishing! We need you to come to our new home in Dallas Texas more often. Our new home is filled with our seven beautiful paintings thanks to you! Thank you so much for opening our eyes to art!

  • David A.

    Art has always been an inportant part of my life, i.e. music, theater, and stage productions. It was not until I got my first piece of art from a Park West Auction 9 years ago that I fell in LOVE with the tangible art. By attending the auctions, seminars, and speaking with the ever-helpful gallery staff I have learned so much about so MANY wonderful artists of today and yesteryear. Last cruise I was fortunate to be able to acquire a Peter Max. The piece has a special place above the fireplace for all to admire. I have also collected Tarkay, Chen, LeKinff, Fanch, and Medevev, to name a few. My newest favorite artists I want to collect are Agam and Brito. My Dali that I got at another auction also is a piece of art that is the highlight of my entire collection. I was on a cruise last week and knew during one of the Modern Art Seminars, that when I saw a Peter Max “Umbrella Man” and I had chills running up and down my spine, I KNEW I found a true appreciation for fine art. Thank you Park West for allowing “regular” people to be welcomed in to the art world. For that integration and acceptance I will be forever greatful!

  • Evie S

    My first experience with Park West Galleries was on an Alaskan Cruise with my sisters. I didn’t buy anything, but won a drawing. That whet my appetite for art and apparently my husband as well, because the next cruise that both of us went on we purchased a Peter Maxx print and proudly have it displayed in our living room.
    We have also attended a Park West Gallery Show in the city near where we live. We purchased an original painting by Dominick Pangborn which we proudly display as well.
    It’s nice to have beautiful art in our home and have something special to leave to our children

  • Lisa C

    My husband and I have been on several cruises in which we have attended Park West Gallery Art Auctions. We have also attended several Park West Gallery Art Auctions in our home town. But the most memorable trip of all was the cruise that, was not only the first time we attended a Park West Gallery Art Auction, but was the same trip that my now husband proposed to me. Since that memorable cruise, we have had an incredible life together– we just celebrated our 12 year anniversary last week. In those 12 + years, we have also acquired a home full of Park West Gallery art work- so much artwork that we are at the point of running out of wall space. We have also given Park West Gallery art work to friends and family as gifts.
    Although we honeymooned in Paris, and I love the Paris collection that we own by Daniele Cambier and Pierre Eugene Cambier, my favorite piece of Park West Gallery art work that we own is a unique oil painting on canvas by Dimitri Polak. This painting hangs in our foyer and is the first thing that people see when they enter our house. I always smile when I look at that painting. I have always thought that the foyer is the perfect spot for this particular painting… I want everyone to smile too as soon as they enter our house. Thanks Park West Gallery!

  • James Wakefield

    I’ve been to number of Parkwest auctions on cruises and always been inspired by the number of artist represented there. My first purchase was a Kincade print and every since I have aquire multiple artist that nclude a canvas by Krasnyanski, and multiple prints by other artist that include Bellet and many others. I always feel very inspired when I cmae away from a auction with a desire to aquire many other art works.

  • Mark H

    We were introduced to Park West on one of our first cruises on a big ship and
    became patrons of the Arts when buying our first pcs. of art. We have many
    well known prints; 3 of Salvatore Dalis’ works, and others by; such as Kinff, Tarkay, Csaba Markus, Kransnyansky, Emile Bellet, Erte, Michael Milkin, Peter Max (1), Simon Bull(2). Yaacov Agam(3) and other artists.
    The figures in ( ) denote those artist that we have personally done work for in a commercial ventures.
    We have a fairy large collection of Cells that we have aquired from Park West and other sources and enjoy them all and so do the other close friends and neighbors that have viewed these works.
    We started off by being in the Graphic Arts field for many, many, years and in those days we would go to local auctions where we bought many unknown artists’ works which we still treasure through the years.
    We did many cruises where Park West auctioned off works of more well known artists, some of whom we met before acquiring their works.
    We feel that Park West has really done a great job in educating people, helping them to be able to enter into the art world at reasonably affordable price structures and they are tops in this field in my opinion, as we have been on several cruises and art auctions which could not hold a candle to Park Wests’ business dealings. Their customer service people, and accountinting department are superior to any others in their field. I especially take off my hat to Laura Maki, whom I have been dealing with for years. She is excellent what she does for Park West and their clients, very pleasant in all her dealings, even when there are difficult, delicate areas to
    be smooth out.
    Park West Keep up all these suburb way of doing business.
    You have a devote client for LIFE.
    Mark B. H.

  • sandy steiman

    I first ran into Park West while on my first civilian cruise where I bought my first piece of art from Park West. At the time I was on active duty and living in Phoenix, AZ. I received an advertisement in the mail from Park West for a land auction went to my first land auction on a Friday night. I looked over the art works and waited for the auction to begin. The auctioneer stepped up and announced that one of his employees did not make it and was there a volunteer from the audience to step up and place the works for auction up on the easel. I volunteered and then became a local Park West employee, assisting and setting up the exhibits which I did three times a year for several years. I learned a tremendous amount about the artists and their art. It was a very uplifting experience. I have a very warm place in my heart for Park West Gallery.

  • Gail S

    Our first experience with Park West Gallery was on my daughter’s wedding cruise , 5 years ago, where we bought some Rembrandt’s Millinium Seriesv and the start of our art collection. We have learned so much about art in general, and our apprecitation of the artists’ techniques and the thought and efforts which have gone into the piece. We have met others who share and apprectiate paintings and sculptures. We have met some and have gotten to know several of Park West Gallery artists and staff. As a result, our town has been blessed by the Park West Gallery Cares program. Our high school received 20 paintings for the students to enjoy and study. Dominic Pangborn talked with all the Art students. Plus our city had a new logo and and original painting presented by Dominic Pangborn. We feel very honored to know Dominic and some of the other Park West staff and artists.

  • Rick J

    While on a cruise, we attended one of your auctions and just fell in love with the whole art scene. We have been collecting ever since.

  • Melanie A.

    This past September, to escape the overwhelming bustle of the Epic, we ducked into a Park West auction. What better place to hide than at an art auction? It was dark and cozy in the room where the event was being held. We figured once the auction began, we could sit back and be entertained. Never in our wildest dreams did we intend to be part of the entertainment! (The only kind of auctions we’d ever attended before were foreclosure auctions.) To our surprise and delight, not only was it an auction but it was also a learning experience. We were amazed at the knowledge of the Park West staff. We had heard the names of some of the artists before but had little knowledge (or appreciation) of the history and intent that went into each unique creation. Always on the lookout for ways to diversify our portfolio, we were delighted to find something that both intrigued and beguiled us; we feel happy knowing that not only do we have a great investment but we have an investment that is tangible and a pleasure to look at. Works we purchased by Maxx, Picasso and Krazayansky are a lot better to look at than a quarterly statement!
    Had these works been sitting in a gallery for sale, chances are we would have just looked at them and walked away. Because of the knowledge and history your staff was able to impart about each of the artists and the background on the various works of art, they really brought the work to life (even the ones done by “famous dead guys”.)
    We came away from that trip feeling enthused and enlightened about our acquisitions.
    They day they arrived felt like Christmas. Although I was the only one home when FEDEX brought them to my door and left them on the landing at my entry way, Iwas so excited to see them that I worked up enough adrenaline to push and pull those boxes up my stairs into my living room where, with breathless anticipation, I unpacked one box after another. Because they were too heavy for me to try and hang myself, I propped them up so I could sit and admire them until my husband came home and could get them on the walls. They are even more beautiful in “person” than they were in the ship’s gallery.
    Today, I enjoy receiving the Park West newsletter and am looking forward to attending my next auction.
    Thank you Park West for opening my eyes!

  • Michael G.

    Went to Italy on a ncl cruise in the fall 2010.enjoyed the art on the boat,the live art auction was very interesting,so I bought my first print,in the winter went to French Lick,In. and bought another,so I guess you would say I’m hooked.Always have loved art but the Park West group has opened me to so much info,I am hungry for more…what a great experence

  • Chris Koenig

    Attending the Park West Gallery auction, out at sea, on the Celebrity Millenium was a thoroughly enjoyable affair. The auctioneer made novices, like myself, feel well informed and comfortable enough to bid. Not only was the auction entertaining but I acquired several splendid works of art that enrich my life at home, and cast memories of a great cruise.

  • melinda campbell

    When I noticed an invitation lying on a table for an action I became very excited to be on this cruise. I wanted to experience everything and viewing beautiful art work was a joy. I grabbed a few tickets and anticipated the follwing day like a child in a chocolate candy store. I talked my brother and sister in law into joining me. My Mom created my love for art in me by teaching me how to paint. The year before she passed away we spent hours oil painting. What a timeless moment for the two of us.

    My sister in law, brother and I found a seat ( right up front) after I chose a few paintings I wanted to see in the auction.
    My brother fell in love with a painting of Marlyn Monroe in a wine bottle.
    We couldn’t afford it and I didn’t write down the artist name, but I would truly love to find this one again and suprise him with a print some day.
    I could write on an on about our excitment and love for art and how much we enjoyed an action on high seas.
    Thank you for such a delightful trip down memory lane. I miss my mom and her love for creation. I respect all artist for their gifts to us.

  • Jeff B

    While cruising the Eastern Carribean with family, I was dragged into an art auction by my father in law. This was supposed to be a quick in an out with a free art print just for coming. Once there, he convinced me and my wife to sit down and watch. So I did. An hour later I began bidding on some art. I won two pieces of art during the raffle and I ended up picking up a pair of Romero Britto paintings and three Brodinski’s. Since that time my wife and I have purchased several other pieces on a second cruise and Iook forward to returning. This one trip opened up my eyes to great artwork and began an interest in art that I didn’t realize I had. It was one of the greatest events I can remember. Pleasant surprise

  • Donna A

    Whilst sailing back from an unscheduled stop in Cozumel back to Fort Lauderdale with Carnival last October (’10), the children badgered to be allowed back to kids club. Once we were finally alone, my husband and I were meandering around the ship when the announcement over the tannoy came. The art auction was about to begin.
    Having never attended an art auction let alone heard of Park West galleries, we were intrigued to find out a little more.
    As we arrived at the auction, a lady waiting in line behind us let us have a look at some of the prints she had collected during her various Park West sea auctions. She explained that she had learnt a lot about art and artistic styles just from the lithos that were provided to each attendee.
    As we entered the room, we were amazed at the volume of beautiful works displayed for us to view. We wandered through taking time to discuss the various offerings between ourselves.
    Myself and my husband have very similar tastes and a lot of the artwork appeared too contemporary for our liking. However, as we moved across the room, there they were, a collection by James Coleman. My heart beat a little faster as we moved closer.
    I have always been a Disney fanatic, have spent many hours in the Art of Disney both in Paris and Florida but never in my travels had I seen such depth of colour, such emotion on canvas. I was immediately drawn to two pieces, Picking Flowers and Springtime in the Meadow. Both afforded scenes we are so accustomed to in the English countryside close to our home and yet both captured that beautiful twist of magic that only Disney could command.
    As the gentleman approached, I was a little nervous but my husband encouraged me to ask about the pieces that stood before us. We placed a pre-bid on the Bambi piece, but as we sat waiting for the auction to begin, my husband looked at my face and smiled ‘why don’t you ask them about the second one as well’. My heart almost skipped a beat and with a beaming smile, we called the lady over to enquire about Snow White.
    Even though we placed pre-bids on both pieces, they had been placed separately so each auction was run independantly rather than as a ‘packaged collection’. However, Park West staff ensured that our bid was upheld and our two James Colemans were coming home.
    But that was not the end of our auction experience, as we waited for our two beautiful pieces of artwork to go under the hammer, the auctioneer announced that he had some Marcus Csaba pieces there. He passed around two small pictures for the gathered members of the audience to share.
    As the first of the two entered my husband’s hands, I could see his eyes sparkle just as mine had with the James Coleman pieces, We called the lady over once more to see what further information we could obtain surrounding this artist that had so captured my husband’s intrigue.
    Whilst speaking with her, she mentioned a piece that had just been auctioned but that the gallery had two of. She brought over Tollentino for my husband to look at and I could see from the expression on his face that this piece just had to come home with us as well. His 40th birthday was just three weeks away and this was to be his extra special present just from me.
    We sat through the rest of the auction snuggled up on the leather sofa, sipping champagne.
    At the end, it was time for the raffle and to our amaze, we won one of the 10 pieces of artwork. Having never won anything before, this was just the best way to finish such an amazing experience.
    Our appointment was booked for that evening to attend the gallery area of the ship to sign the paperwork. The gentleman was so helpful and so kind and helped answer all of our questions with such professionalism. When it came to the free piece of art, even though it was lovely, neither of us really liked it and it was just not our style. With the international shipping costs for the piece, it just was not worth keeping so we graciously declined. However, the gentleman very kindly allowed us to swap for the various lithographs they provided for attending the ship auctions which our children delighted in when we showed them back in the cabin.
    When I arrived back in the office the following week, curiosity got the better of me and I started looking to see whether the two James Coleman pieces were available here in the UK. I could not believe my eyes when I discovered that what we had paid for the two pieces as a pair would only have purchased one of them here. So not only was our feeling on the pieces correct but the pricing compared with the pricing in Europe was far better than we could ever have hoped for.

    The first of the pieces arrived in the UK eight weeks later. The second two days after that. I was like a cat on hot bricks waiting for DHL to arrive at the office with my two boxes. I could not beleive the size of the parcels. When I opened them, the amount of packaging used around each piece was phenomal, Park West certainly knew the importance of protecting the pieces in transit. And so my two beautiful pieces took pride of place in the living room, followed two weeks later by Tollentino.
    Despite reading various reviews and complaints on google, our experience with Park West Galleries has been wonderful. With a little bit of background information (you do not have to be a full art critic for this), their cruise ship auctions can provide both entertainment as well as an opportunity to adorn a home with wonderful pictures. I love just sitting in our living room looking into the forest that now appears on its walls, imagining myself sitting there just as Snow White does by the brook on a lasy spring afternoon.
    Art is what the beholder hopes for, it is worth what you as a person are willing to pay for its beauty and Park West helped us afford a place in our hearts for just that, three pieces of beauty that we would never have seen had we not been left with a lazy cruise afternoon to spare.
    I for one cannot wait for our next carribean cruise and for the chance to attend our next cruise ship auction. You never know what might lay in wait for us to discover next.

  • Anne J.

    I could write and essay on how Park West has inspired our passion for the arts; but I will try to keep this brief. It starts with that one painting on-board a cruise that lures you in, but it is the education about art and the artist that really stirs the passion. Every auctioneer and associate, starting with Annsophie on our first cruise to Maurrie Shapiro, have enlightened and educated us. We began with prints, but as Annsophie told us, “Buy what you love, but buy the best art you can afford.” Now we collect originals and are doubly blessed by not just meeting, but knowing the artists who we collect. My passion for art has been so ignited that I have gone back to school to study art history, art appreciation, humanities, etc. I have always believed that everyone’s home is their personal museum of who they are and whatever they have collected in their lifetime, now my home REALLY looks like a fine art museum!

  • Ed M

    I was on the Carnival Pride in March 2011, and enjoyed the Art Auction, and learned a great deal about art collecting. I ended up buying to Simon Bull works of Mahammad Ali which was signed by Ali himself. They just arrived and I love them.. thanks

  • Louisa R.

    Art has always been an important aspect in our home decor and our 3 children, even when young, were encouraged to view and select “good” art for their rooms. Not until Park West Gallaries art shows aboard various cruises, however, were my husband and I able to explore and expand our collections in very exciting ways. Brodinski, Tarkay, and Le Kinff are among the new “friends” displayed on our walls. We have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Park West, especially in the educational aspects of our acquiring, as well as in the excellence of the frraming and shipping of our various pieces. Thank you, Park West, especially auctioneer Ansophie on theNCL Pearl

  • Debbie Michalenka

    My husband and I have purchased all of our art through Park West. Many came from the cruise and others recently from the wonderful events we attended. Both events have been awesome. We thank you for inviting us.
    Debbie and Peter Michalenka

  • Kailynn A

    Being a fan of Art, Art history and dabbling in painting myself, I was more than excited to be invited to the Park West Auction while cruising on the Gem. I have never purchased any artwork prior to the auction, and now, I have two custom frames being made for the two vibrant, beautiful Tarkay paintings I can call my own! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Park West. The staff were extremely informative, polite, and very friendly which made the process all that much more enjoyable. I would recommend attending one of their auctions or events even if you do not intend to purchase anything. The experience alone will be one of the highlights of your cruise (my personal favourite was viewing the Salvador Dali and Disney Destino screening). Thank you Park West!

  • Mitchell Stern

    I was at a cruise auction. It was a fun time.

  • Lind DeFrancesco

    Park West has been anadded joy to my life that I never expected. As with everyone, you start on a cruise ship and peek into an Art Auction and sip a glass of champagne. Then you start to realize the beauty in the room. The colors and gorgous designs of such talented artists. It stimulates all your senses and you begin to feel the liveleyness and excitement. I am amazed every time I cruise with Park West at the dedication and knowledge of everyone. The auctioneer is not just a seller of paintings. He is an educator, a collector, and a friend. I am constantly learning about so many artists and their backgrounds, that I am amazed. Our world is full of such beauty, andhow it is captured and put onto canvas is awsome! I enjoy the interaction of all the Park West personel that join us on cruises and lavish us with stories about their lives, the artists and just the friendly company. I always leave my cruise feeling like I made many new friends that really care about my art collecting. The most amazing thing happened after my first cruise. I used to paint in oils when I was a child, but when I married at age 21 and started my family, I stopped painting because I had no free time. For the next 30 years I yearned to paint. Finally I left the cruise ship and went home and dug up all my art supplies and went out and bought a canvas. I sat there for hours and just applied color after color remembering all the different strokes, brushes, and designs. I felt so good when I left my painting hours later. I have continued to paint( just amaturely), yet every time I start a new canvas all the excitement of imagination and color inspires me. Thats exactly how I feel every time I cruise with Park West and meet new artists, and listen to the history and stories that make you so inspired and appreciative of the artwork that Park West brings to its guests! Thank you Park West.

  • Russell Schafer

    About 5 years ago my wife Cathy and I started cruising on Celebrity Cruises. During one of the at sea days, one of the activities was an art exhibition and art auction. I had heard of Park West before due to listening to WJR 760 out of Detriot and hearing their advertising. So my wife and I decided to give it a try and listen to the lecture and auction. The people running the auction were freindly, knowledgable and we picked up a couple of pieces. After 5 cruises later we have developed quite a collection of Tarkay as he has become are favorite artist. We have been so lucky as we have won five hundred dollar bidding credits on 2 different cruises. We have gotten so interested in art work we had special lighting done in our home to hightlight our Tarkays. As for Park West Galleries they are the best. On our last cruise they had a different company and after spending time with the representative we were so disappointed. They had art work by lesser known “copy cat” artists. The staff didn’t seem to be as freindly or as knowledgable. Needless to say we bought nothing on our last cruise. We are cruising agan in January and hope we are cruising with Park West.

  • Kathy B

    I have been attending Park West Auctions on cruises for the past 15 years. The very first time, my daughter and I walked through the preview and I kept returning to one piece. It was “The Old Mill” by Igor Medvedev and it began my love affair with his visions of the Greek Isles. I have been so moved by his work that when I received an announcement of a show dedicated to Medvedev at your gallery in Michigan, that I drove 5 1/2 hours to get the opportunity to meet him. I purchased his “Golden Sunset” at the show and the artist signed a personal dedication to me on the back of the mounting. It was a highlight of my art collecting and I continue to attend auctions whenever I cruise.
    I have met many wonderful people at the auctions and our friendships have maintained through the years.

  • Babs G

    Melinda, that Marilyn Monroe in the wine bottle is work by Scott Jacobs.
    We have it and its completely gorgeous!!! Your brother will love it.

  • Roxanne B

    I went to my very first art auction at sea and it was amazing! I love art and have always wanted to go to auctions even just to look! I live in Arkansas and that isn’t something that is plentiful around here, so I have yet to get the chance until last march. I saw the art auction on the ship’s manifest and was thrilled! I and my mother and grandmother went to the first one! The paintings were exquisite I was overjoyed! Tarkay’s, Peter Max’s and so many I had not heard of! Some of them were even in my price range which was amazing! I went to all four showings and was walking on cloud nine through each! I ended up getting four paintings that I adore! I still catch myself staring at them and wishing for more! I check each of your news letters and your website often hoping to find another piece I can afford! Park West is amazing, the curators were all warm and friendly, very easy and wonderful to work with! I enjoyed ever minute of my experience with Park West and still treasure my new pieces with immense love!

  • Paula F

    My husband and I traveled on the NCL Gem in May of 2010 on a Park West VIP cruise to Bermuda. When I left for the cruise my father was in a nursing home battling a Mersa infection. We had the opportunity to visit Peter Max’s studio in New York which just happens to be my husbands favorite artist so it was a trip we didn’t want to miss. Once we set sail we were introduced to the artist “NOAH”. Our second day of the cruise I received a call that I needed to return home as soon as we got to land as my dad had taken a turn for the worse. The night before we left we had the pleasure of watching NOAH do an airbrush painting of an angel titled ” A Father’s Love”. I was mesmerized by the painting given the circumstances. My wonderful husband then spoke with NOAH and Timothy Sparks and between them came up with the plan of having NOAH paint a picture of an angel special to me. Needless to say it a very powerful piece and very special to my family. In February 2011 we had the pleasure of cruising again with the VIP group on the NCL Epic and to our surprise t we again got to spend some time with NOAH. Thank-you Park West for the wonderful opportunities we have had the pleasure to share with you. It has allowed us the opportunity to collect many great pieces, meet many great artists, and spend great times with your staff. We look forward to many great adventures in the future.

  • Jim DeLong

    I never knew I had a passion for art until Diane and I (wife and still girlfriend) attended a cruise auction and bought a few pieces. After returning home, we received our first piece and: WOW!- the vibrant colors and the gallery quality framing literally stunned me. I could not wait for the next piece and the next, and so on. We received “complimentary prints’ we intend to
    frame because they include Bellet, Kniff, Glenn,Gockel Krasnasky, and Tarkay and are absolutely breathtaking !We then attended a land auction where we “lived” with the Park West contingent, Alfred Gockel,Marcus and Yolanda Glenn for a couple of ‘forever memorable’ days. We purchased a few more pieces and are still waiting for a Gockel etching.
    We wake every morning to Marcus Glenn’s ‘Blue Storm’ hanging over our bed, looking over to see Peter Max’s ‘Liberty Head’ watching over us. We walk down the hall and have Agam ‘s ‘2+2’ winking at us, into the living room where we have ‘Krazy Nancy’ helping to put our ‘masks’ on for the day and then into the dining room where we catch a deep breath as Tarkay’s ladies sit in repose. We smile all the time-what a way to live!

  • Caren L

    We attended our first Park West auction several years ago on a cruise, and now attend all the auctions when we cruise. It was a great learning experience and we’ve learned a lot. On our first cruise we found an original Erte that fit perfectly into our home. The staff are wonderful, and we’ve purchased some great pieces.

  • Robert H

    About 6 years ago my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, and I decided to go on a cruise to celebrate me coming home from a very long 16 months over in Iraq. We decided to go on a 7 day cruise with Carnival, which I thought was more about the balcony and the destinations….little did I know.
    Once on board, which was really my first “real” vacation, we decided to check out the art auction, because we found ourselves very fascinated with the works around the ship. One piece specifically I couldn’t walk away from, it was named ‘At the Theater’ by Hua Chen. It was just so captivating and left me speechless.
    At this time my wife and I had just the smallest amount of knowledge on art. I think we thought everything was a painting or a poster to give you an idea. But the auction was fun, informative, and beat out the other events held on board such as the hairy chest contest, which, let’s face it, no one wanted to see. Not unless you were 17 margarita’s deep by 10am, not that I am judging anyone at all, it just wasn’t me. I was only at about 4 by then.
    We at the time couldn’t fathom spending some of the prices that were presented but found several pieces in our budget that definitely sparked our interests. Of course if I knew what I do know, I could have saved a ton, by buying several works then as opposed to now. But that just shows that art is appreciating along with our own tastes. We collected about 7 or 8 pieces onboard, and among them was the Hua Chen that I just had to have and still adore to this day.
    Since then, I started reading about art in books and searching online for knowledge of artists and mediums along with seeking the breathtaking images. I was amazed at my tastes, how I adored bold, bright, and colorful, and how my wife and I, who usually find it hard to agree on things most times, just really appreciated each ones tastes with ease and was so interested in sharing each others thoughts. She may see something I wouldn’t normally notice and then I fall in love with it, or vice versa. It’s as if we found a deeper way of connecting through art. We now had in insatiable thirst for all things art.
    We got invited to a few land auctions over the next couple of years, and jumped at the opportunity. Each time diving in a little deeper and bringing our collection to bigger and broader levels with everything learned with greater and greater appreciation. Now it was only a question of where to put it all.
    After my second deployment, this time to Afghanistan, we decided to do another cruise to celebrate our reuniting with each other again. This time we were married and just as fascinated with art and all it provided to us. Its beauty urging us to enjoy and celebrate life in the dreary world we have been experiencing. This time we did 5 days to the Bahamas and again ran to the auctions to see what was new, and to enjoy the show. We learned about more artists, and were again mesmerized by certain works. This time Romero Britto, Marko Mavrovich, and Simon Bull grabbed a hold of us. We made our biggest purchase yet, and I finally got a Peter Max which I been hoping to get since our first cruise.
    Park West has been introducing us to so much beauty in our lives, and created experiences that we would never forget, but nothing compared to this past weekend. We just experienced our first VIP event up in Boston and were blown away. After coming home from the cruise we got the invite and called immediately to attend even as we still waitied for pieces from the cruise to arrive in our home to place things wherever we can squeeze them in. Park West has also convinced my wife that we need a bigger house as well, one with much more wall space. Thanks again, lol.
    In Boston, we had the best weekend that my wife and I could remember in a very long time. From the remarkable hotel room, the trip to Fenway, even appreciated as a diehard Yankees fan. The people you meet, the artists you get to know, the employees who always make you feel more like a part of a family rather than a client. It’s not that snobbish “you can’t afford this” type of experience at all. My wife is a Special Ed teacher and I am in the Military, we are very humble and down to earth people, and every employee still treats us as if we were a part of the family. Like we were exactly where we should be, right here, learning about and appreciating this art, because life is much better doing so.
    My wife and I moved into a new level of collecting yet again. We bought our first 2 original works, a Charles Lee, and a Peter Max. Before limited editions were more our level of collecting. We experienced Nano Lopez and Peter Max, so I had to get an original, and fell in love all over again with all the art world has to offer. We even opened the door for our appreciation for sculpture thanks all to Park West and Nano Lopez. I also discovered Csaba Markus and can’t believe the intensity in his work. We were able to obtain 2 works from him and I can’t wait until they arrive. I will just now envision a place to put them until then.
    None of this would have ever been possible or ever happened without the brilliance of Park West and all it has to offer. It is a truly dedicated company that reaches out to everyone and grabs you in ways I cannot explain. It has enriched our lives with art which in turn has given us hope, and opened our eyes to so much beauty, and has made each day so much more valuable. Park West is more than an experience, it’s a community, a lifestyle, and it is always enabling you to grow and expand at your own pace.

    -One loyal client, rather member of the Park West community.

  • Richard R

    I started my art collection in 1998. This was a brand new adventure for me. I remember the words of Donna Musto, my sales person, “buy what you love”. Since the date of my first purchase, I have now aquired 6 pieces from Park West Galleries and I must admit that everyday I see those wonderful masterpieces hanging on the walls of my home, I am thrilled to tell the world that my love as never faded for the wonderful art I have beeny lucky enough to obtain. I know in my heart that I love each and every piece I have more the next day then the past. Thank you Donna for allowing myself to aspire to the world of art. If it were possible to name my favorite, it would be very difficult, but the piece that hangs in my library is an original by Littorio Del Signore, “Music on the Hill” As I did with the others, I fell in love with this piece from 50 feet away the evening I first cast my eyes upon it at the gallery. It has more meaning to me then I could ever describe and I thank Mr Del Signore for the warmth and love my heart experiences everyday my eyes view this magnificent oil.

  • Sandra N

    We went to our first Parkwest auction because they were serving free champayne. My husband and I knew nothing about fine art or fabulous artists, but we did like champayne. There were 3 auctions during the time we were on the ship and we went to every one. But it became more of drinking the knowledge of wonderful arists than champayne. We left the ship with a Peter Max from the 911 series, a Linda Lekinff and a Tarkay. I was thrilled when they arrived and I could remove the trivilous pictures on our walls and hang these. I became an addict!! We have gone to many more of the art auctions since then and our walls are filled with beautiful things. And I do mean “filled”. My favorite memory was of the last auction we were at when a beautiful LeKinff came up for bidding. I had shown this one to my husband earlier during the time they give you to look, and mentioned how beautiful the colors were and how I loved it, but it would probably be too expensive and right now we really didn’t need more art (we live in a condo) but of course secretly I would have found a place for it. My husband was in the restroom when this came up for bid and I kept telling myself “no, no, no”. The auctioneer kept looking my way as if he knew I wanted it. Just as he was about to lower the hammer, my husband came racing into the room and hollered out a higher bid. Created quite a fun ruckus. Needless to say, it hangs in a beautiful spot in our livingroom. My husband had talked to the auctioneer previously, asking him to put it up for bid. Neither would know he would be in the restroom at the time and the auctioneer must have thought I knew about it. It was exciting and I thank my husband every time I look at that vibrant art. When Steven Tyler was presented his portrait for his birthday on American Idol, I recognized it as a Peter Max. I never thought I would ever be able to recognize the works of particular artists. But I do it often now. If it wasn’ t for the auctions on the ships, I never would have entered the world of fabulous art and I thank you.

  • Sharyn B

    One of my favorite events and I look forward to are the Parkwest Gallery auctions on my cruises. Some of my favorite artists are: Ilzcheck Tarkay, Linda Lekinff and Charles Lee but I also do have some others as well. I bought five new pieces on my last cruise including some new artist.
    I not only buy for the artist I also buy for the art work to compliment the decor in my home.
    A lady on the cruise saw me and said you are the one who bought the Charles Lee. I said yes and she that it was so beautiful. Since Charles Lee’s does pieces of ladies and roses my piece looks soft, feminine and beautiful in my victorian bedroom decor.
    One of the things I like with Linda Lekinff is ssometimes puts cats in her pieces and I love cats.
    I enjoy meeting people who have been on the cruises at the auctions and we can share our experience and favorite artists.
    Looking at my art pieces makes me smile and brings me happiness especially when someone comments them when they see them in my home.
    I recently went to a friend’s home and when I saw the big picture on her wall I said that is a Tarkay. We laughed that I knew the artist and explained how I knew and that he was one of my favorites.
    Thanks Parkwest for your auctions and for having beautiful pieces to grace my home.


    The stunning art presented on Serenade of the Seas led us to sit down, have some bubbly and see what would happen. I am a button-down old-school college professor lady, and who would have thought I’d fall in love with the works of Kransiansky, Gockel and Marcus Glenn!? Yet those now decorate my first floor with Bellet, Tarkay and Shan Merry on the second floor. Parkwest opened my eyes to OWNING art, and to owning a COLLECTION from one artist. Of all the nice things in my house, my granddaughter, now 10, wants only a guarantee on the Kransianskys. We like his work so well that one trip at sea led us to buy two of the same piece! The auctioneers helped us out by offering another piece.

  • Mark D

    My wife and I just started collecting art this past October on our honeymoon. We were on a cruise and I there was an art history presentation and she wanted to go. We both love history and I was shocked how much I enjoyed the presentation. We ended up going back to two more and we ended up purchasing 6 pieces of art. I never thought I would say it, but I love learning about art and what the artist was trying to do/show. We ended up going to a land weekend auction and bought 3 more pieces. I can’t thank Park West enough for getting me into this.

  • Theresa Harshman

    I never thought about collecting art until I went to an art auction on a “Carnival Cruise” and purchased my first painting.
    RHYTHM IN THE TROPICS by Alfred Gockel.
    Now I want to add more to my collection!!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful experiance!

  • Diane B.

    I started collecting art since my first cruise more than 8 years ago. Since then we have been to many land auctions and most recently a get-away weekend with Park West. Our art collection has grown as we have been educated with the different artists. Our most recent get-away weekend was to meet Peter Maxx. It was something I will always treasure!

  • Vicky S

    My husband and I started our relationship with Park West while on our honeymoon and it has grown to a point where we feel part of a community. Before Park West came in to our lives, we could say we liked or disliked a piece of art but we didn’t have what I would call a style. Park West has opened our eyes to such an amazing world and we are better for it. Our house now speaks to the people who visit us about who we are and what moves us. One of the most important opportunities Park West have given to us has been meeting a number of artists. When you are able to speak with an artist and gain an understanding of what their art means to them and where it came from it allows you to see their pieces in a new light. We have pieces in our home now that we can tell a story about and truly feel connected to. I am so happy that I am in a relationship with Park West and believe that we will continue to be happy together for a long time to come.

    Thank you for everything Park West!

  • Lorraine C

    My love of art began while on a cruise. I had the joy and pleasure of meeting the staff of Park West Galleries. I attended every auction and informational session given by them. I learned so much. I was very impressed with the knowledge of each staff member. Not only were they knowledgeable, they were friendly and very helpful. I purchased many beautiful works of art such as Thomas Kinkade and Linda LeKinff, etc. I enjoyed learning about the artwork so much that I visited the art museum in NY to help expand my knowledge. I am looking forward to my next cruise so I can attend the different functions with Park West. I still have my heart and soul on a “Peter Maxx!!!!!!!”

  • David C

    I am so glad you do the auctions on the cruise ships. My wife and I attended our first one about 2 years ago, and walked away with several free pieces. Last year we took our children with us , and our daughter fell in love with a Chrales Lee. The painting is Serenade in Violets and we bought it framed. We were fortunate enough to win a $500.00 bid credit in a drawing and that enabled us to make the purchase. We bought it for our daughter’s 16th birthday. WOW a Charles Lee for your 16th birthday. For me I am trying to figure out how I can get a MAX.
    Thanks David

  • Dan T.

    Park West auctions are consistently over the top. I have enjoyed participating in them on ship and land, and I continue to enjoy the art I purchased day by day. I only wish I could have purchased more. These experiences, especially in meeting some of the artists, have created a closeness that I never anticipated. Keep up the good work, Park West!!

  • Lou M

    I have always loved art but I thought I had to admire it only in museums. Park West’s cruise auctions showed me that I could have affordable art in my home. When I was about 19 I saw my first Chagall and always dreamed of having one of my own; now I have 6 of them!

  • Paula Broadway

    My husband and I went to an art show while on a cruise on the Triumph Cruise ship. I had a blast. He was very unsure about this new experience so he kept and going out of the room and coming back. By the end of the auction, he was settled down and was almost participating in the auction. He warmed up due to the kindness and attention of our slaespersons. He really enjoyed being around one particular lady who was from Australia. She made him feel comfortable and welcomed. He seldoms stays in one place and does anything that he has to partic ipate in. He had a blast after the fact. We will buy more. I think he has found a new hobby.

    Paula Broadway

  • patsy b

    I must say that the cruises we have been on and the trips to Detroit to see the Gallery have been some of the most amazing times of our life. We have met some incredible friends and the staff is phenomenal. The vip staff is friendly, kind, and generous to all in the group. We have found that cruising without Park West on board makes the cruise not quite as much fun. The hardest thing to do, next to leaving all our good friends we have made, is deciding what art to buy. Mostly, we love it all , but know there is just so much wall space. Decisions, decisions, decisions. We can never imagine our life without all of you . Thank you for everything. YOU ARE THE BEST.

  • Wayne & Lynn B

    When my wife and I went on our first cruise in 2003, I thought going to an art auction on a cruise ship would be a silly waste of time! 12 cruises later we have purchased over 60 works of art, and we are waiting for delivery on 18 more. We have collected a Rembrandt, 6 Dali’s and we are anxiously awaiting 2Renoir heliographs, and Joan Miro, a Marc Chagall, and 6 more Dali’s from the Destino series. Our favorite contemporary artists are Agam, Bellet, Fanch Ledan, Tarkay,Chen, LeKinff, and Krasnyanski. (please forgive any mispelled names). We were very bad on our last 3 day cruise and bought our first Peter Max along with another Agam, and our first Britto. Collecting art with Park West has truly become a passionate hobby for both of us together. We love learning about works of art by the masters as well as the contemporary artists from knowledgeable and personable auctioneers AND their able bodied assistants. We love the repartee as we are seriously engaged with these people during the course of our cruise. We will never forget the VIP cruise we were invited to attend several Thanksgivings ago in Florida as the hospitality of Chris and the rest of his expert Park West team was overwhelming. Our only hope is to visit the home gallery in Detroit some day, but it will have to be in summer since living in Florida for the past 11 years has thinned our blood

  • Melvyn/Sylvia Emanuel.

    Having done many cruises and having attended many Art auctions on the cruises, we must admit that the best of them are those put on by Park West. So,it wasn’t difficult for us to acquire two pieces on two occasions from yourselves.
    We enjoy your staff, their knowledge, and the authentication of the art you provide.
    They hang in our home with great pride.
    One of the pieces is by Csaba Markus–my wife’s favorite–the other by Hua Chen–stunning !
    Need we say more about how you have helped beautify the interior of our home!
    Thank you

  • Paul C

    My wife, daughter and myself were blessed to go on an eleven day cruise up the north east coast, which by the way, began on land in New York City for two days. We had such a wonderful time meeting several artists, seeing lots and lots of beautiful art, enjoying our group and the always family-like Parkwest staff. We were taken to wonderful places for dinner and fantastic places to see. And of course, we were given the opportunity to see so much art and enjoy Mori’s mini art classes. But most important for us besides discovering our love of art in all forms is the fact that we made friends with a another couple who we now vacation and enjoy as part of our family. So if I had to sum it all up – I would say that the whole experience has opened our eyes and hearts to love of art and friendship. Thanks Parkwest for all of our experiences. We look forward to many more.

  • Jankelley

    My enjoyment of art actually pre-dates my Park West eperiences. In college, in the late 1960’s, an “appreciation” course was required– either music or art. I enjoyed both a bit, but the art course fit into my schedule more readily—and so I was there M-W-F from 8AM-8:55AM. After the semester I moved on to other things. I’d bought a few inepensive works by artists I’d never heard of, and went to the MFA once. Life took me in other directions.

    Fast forward to the 1980’s as a single mother with three small children– ages about 5,6, and 7. One morning there was an ad in The Boston Globe for a Carnival cruise at a special price– I booked it immediately for myself and all three kids. What was I thinking– was I certifiably crazy? We actually successfully cruised with no one seasick and no “child overboard”– we did it again the next year– this time to the Carribean. The kids were a little older now–what could we do this time? Gee–an art auction! I thought I would venture in and brought the kids– but the younger two were restless and I agreed that they could do something else, if they checked in with me very frequently. My older daughter, Bethany, instead chose to attend the auction with me daily– she even had her own bidding card!

    Okay, restraint is not our strong suit, and let’s face it–bidding is addictive! When my card wasn’t in the air, Beppie’s was—- she even bid way up on a Bellet because someone was bidding against her and she wasn’t having that!! Of course she got it–and everything else she bid on as well! She fell in love with Krasnyansky’s work– especially “Old Kraz”– we got plenty of those, as well as 4 Peter Max, 2 Dali’s, many Alex Chen’s, a Medveyev, Claude Cambier, and many others– about 30 in all– and we had to take them off the ship, many framed! Bethany, the supreme organizer, actually grouped them and secured them so that we were able to remove everything without breaking arms!

    At home I so missed the auctions– I called Donna at the gallery one day and bought an Albrecht Durer. From that day on it was “In case of fire, grab the Durer and run!” Beppie and I also did a bus tour of Western Europe, squeezing as much art into those 16 days as possible (ah, the Louvre). Rumbling all over Europe in that bus, imbibing art, sculpture, and castles was the apex of my life– we felt so safe wandering about in quaint, peaceful villages, and laughed when we zoomed into another country and no one was in the little kiosks to check our passports.I wasn’t even terribly alarmed when Bethany and 4 other tourists were left behind on top of the Eiffel Tower—they caught up with us several hours later at the Opera! We returned home on Sept 2, 2001, just a few days before the entire world went mad.
    My little partner, Bethany, got a Kraznyansky for her high school graduation, and moved to Savannah. I off handedly told her she could “take a few pieces”–maybe it was my way of still being with her. When I subsequently visited– Lordy, there was a Dali, multiple Kraz, Kincaide, oh geez, she’s got my Moulay too!! She came home once and we went to St Petersburg, Russia, where we promptly got left behind by the tour bus at the Hermitage!~

    This past week I was part of the Park West VIP experience in Boston, and took the younger daughter, Sam, with me. She is a gifted animal portraitist who enjoyed looking at the art, loving Nano Lopez’s animal sculpure and the art of Peter Max, which she readily identified because we have two large works of his art in our living room. She was over the moon when she subsequently encountered him in an elevator and was able to have a private conversation with him! Another art afficionado in the making!!

    I bought just three works this time– I was reading “Luncheon of the Boating Party”, a recent best seller about Renoir, so I bought–a Renoir! All is well—the kids know the drill! “In case of fire, grab the Durer, the Max’s, the Renoir, and run like Hell!”

    Thank you, Park West– not just for the art, which I enjoy daily, but for all the memories and experiences of acquiring it, the love of travel it engendered,and the legacy it will someday be to my family. I pray there will be more adventures in the future, more art auctions to attend, and most of all, more magical art to appreciate, love, and hopefully embrace.

  • Wayne E.

    My wife and I went on a cruise on Carnival Elation to Cabo San Lucas, and during the trip we happened to encounter the Park West Art Gallery and Auction on board and were thrilled to say the least. They had a fabulous Dali Show on-board which was delightful and affordable. We were also thoroughly impressed with the variety of colorful masterpieces in the various auctioned pieces.

    The Auction was professionally done and the staff was extremely courteous and refreshments were provided. We bid on several items, but were unfortunately overbid on our top price for each art piece we chose to bid on. We were disappointed to not have won so much as one masterpiece.

    After the auction, and close to the end our cruise, we returned to visit the Park West Gallery once more, and shared our disappointment with the Staff. One of the staff members overheard our conversation and approached us regarding some of the items remaining in the gallery. We especially liked the 6 Dali set of Prints, which were being offered for $10,000. and for which they brought the price down to $8,000. especially for us, however they were just a bit out of our price range even at that lower price.

    However, noticing we were being offered such a great deal, we decided to inquire about other nice pieces in the gallery of Artists we were particularly interested in, ie Anatole Krasnyansky.

    We especially liked one of his earlier traditional paintings that was offered in the Auction, and they happened to have the same print available. We also liked one of his more recent contemporary paintings, and were offered a great package deal on one particular abstract painting where Krasnyansky was to personally add an additional “one of a kind” art surrounding the main painting to offset it from the original artwork itself. We also learned how the Artist changed his style after moving from Russia to USA. Altogether, our experience was most fascinating.

    Further, this Park West representative offered to give us, in addition, a few other prints that we liked, the total value for everything was over $3000. but we were able to obtain them all for a little above $1,000. and included 3 Frames. We were delighted and it was a most wonderful conclusion to our cruise.

    Today, we proudly display these 6 Paintings in our home and it never fails to fascinate visitors to our humble abode.

    I would like to recommend to everyone out there who is an Art Lover, to approach the Staff at Park West about any of the numerous paintings on display, and do not let the prices concern you, simply negotiate with the Representative for the Best Possible Deal, and I can assure you will not only leave with some precious Art, but you will be surprised at how much money you will have saved, and your treasured art is sure to increase in value as you enjoy the magnificent addition to the decor of your home.

  • MichelleR CandyF

    Our relationship with ParkWest began over a decade ago with your gallery introducing us to the arts. Over time our purchases have continued to enrich our life as our home is now nearly completely adorned by your art. Our recent invatation to the Boston VIP session reengaged us to the wonderful art scene after a temporary reprieve following our move back to the East Coast. As our tastes and appetite for art has eveloved over time Park West & its staff have graciously guided and educated us as our collection has grown.
    As a result we not only enjoy and collect art but have become students of it, researching artists, buying books, evaluating the local art scene etc.. We truly enjoy the relatiionship we have established with PWG and all of its employees and look forward to the years ahead and the opportunities it holds!

  • Janet Flack

    My husband and I attended an auction on a cruise several years ago. We have never purchased “real” art before this. We fell in love with Peter Maxx’s work immediately. That is how we started our unique collection. We actually went to a local gallery and met Peter, purchased another piece of his art and got our pictures taken with EACh of them. We have come to enjoy the great masterminds and talents of these awesome artists. Our collection includes Balliet, Dali, Max, Buffet, etc. The Park West staff that we have met on all of cruises are simply professional and gracious and made all the auctions that we have attended very educational as well as FUN. i look forward to attending these on all our future cruises.

  • sharon coulter

    On my trip to Alaska in August of 2009 aboard the Norwegian Star, I was fortunate to win $500 in a raffle from Park West Gallery, to bid on a piece of Art. I never dreamed that I would win a Tomasz Rut, Cerulean Rhapsody
    complete with frame. Needless to say, this was the highlight of my trip, and I share my enthusiam of art with my grandaughter, who won a scholarship to the Memphis School of Art. I also have a Peter Max, lithograph, that I had won previously from another sweepstakes. I love my pictures and look at them everyday, they have a special place in my home. Unfortunately, being a senior citizen and on a fixed income, they only way that I can acquire these, is by entering contests, and sweepstakes… So far, I have been very lucky. I hope I am lucky again.

  • harvey rose

    I really do not like art. I do like to cruise and gamble. I am sorry to report I lose 90% of the time. I told my wife one morning to meet me in the casino. When I got to the casino it was closed and I was devestated. Then I heard, laughter and noise next to the casino. I thought it was a private crap game. My curiosity peaked and got the better of me. Upon inspection I observed an art aution with a chance to win free art. A gamblers dream and an ideal way to kill time . Then bingo I won a raffle.Let the action begin. My wife and I won 9 raffled pieces of art over 3 days, purchased about $2,000.00 in art, and got educated about art. A win win situation for all. The icing on the cake is yet to come. Park West has a facility in Miami Lakes, Fl and I saved money by asking if I may pick up the paintings there since I live on Miami Beach. Their response was certainly. In summation, I enjoy the art everyday, gambling has been reduced, and I am sorry I don’t recall the autioner’s name he was professional/informative/and enjoyable that my wife and I look forward to our future cruises and art autions. Bon Voyage, Harvey Rose

    • Bo Patterson

      We had such a great time with the Auctioneer and Staff. We had meet in the piano bar the night before but didn’t know what they did on board. We are frequent cruisers. But loved Looking @ Park West Gallery and there Art work. We are Decorators but had really never thought about going. We walked around The Gallery bid on Peter Max value in a raffle. So next day we went had so much fun. My partner won 2 different drawings for Artwork. We got a great deal on several pieces. Have just gotten them home and hung. Will never miss Park West Gallery @ Sea again. Love you guys Bo Patterson/ PR Hood

  • Ginger W

    We first became acquainted with Park West Gallery while on a cruise, enjoyed the auction and information so much we had to go to Southfield to see the Gallery. We purchased several Tarkay’s and were invited to a night with him, unfortunately he became ill and didn’t make it but again enjoyed the gallery. Have taken friends there also,it is a most enjoyable adventure.

  • Shani H.

    My husband and I began collecting art on our first cruise, after he returned from Iraq after a 16th month deployment. We got sucked in like everyone else, almost. A day at see and some pretty paintings scattered around the ship. We were entranced and excited by the colors and the history of it all.

    The only thing we didn’t get was this Benfield painting “Days of Summer.” I continued to look for this ONE for the next 6 years. No matter where I searched or who I talked to I couldn’t find it.

    My husband recently came back from Afghanistan and we went on our second cruise where we added to our home gallery 🙂 After getting home and getting more art than we own walls in our house, my husband called Park West to discuss a “certain painting” with an art consultant. I have searched for the ONE for 6 years and just after our first wedding anniversary, where he was in the country, he was able to find the only thing other than him that I was missing. After collecting many master artists, my Benfield is not nearly the most expensive or valuable but certainly the most memorable.

    We just got home from Boston, compliments of Park West. We were invited to a VIP event for the weekend where we met an inspiring sculptor, Nano Lopez, and his nananimals, along with Peter Max. I never thought I would collect sculptures. I was so at awe of the detail and beauty that could not be duplicated that I had to get sculptures from Nano. He is amazing and a wonderful person. Very down to earth.

    We were treated as a part of the family (the Park West Family) as usual. We were welcomed, educated and excited by new experiences. I am so greatful that we are constantly finding artists and works that inspire us to be better people and lead happier lives. As usual I can’t wait for our next auction!

    ~ Love Park West

  • Samantha P.

    I have been on two cruises and both had Park West auctions. I went to every auction, class, and showing that they had. I loved art in college but got away from it once I graduated. Park West reignited my love for art. It introduced me to some of my new favorites ( Charles Lee, Pino, etc) and reintroduced me to some of my old ones (Britto, Max). I now keep up on showings and gallery events in my area. I have also started collection some new art. My walls are quickly filling up with beautiful works from all my favorite artists.

  • Mary Cutter

    I fell in love with the artwork of Kryznyanski on a Norwegian Gem cruise four years ago. I was so disappointed because everytime I bid I was outbid. This past January, I went on another Norwegian Gem cruise and I attended every art auction that Park West Gallery offered on the cruise. This time I went home with four Kryzyanski and a Thomas Kincade. Best of all, I went home with a lot of knowledge about the artists and their work. I fell in love with Peter Max’s “Better World”, and I became a fan of Park West Gallery! The auctions are so fun and informative! All of the Park West Gallery employees were so professional and knowledgable about the artists and their artwork. I have become an art collector and enjoyed my cruise so much thanks to the art auctions. I also loved seeing the film, “Destino” with the art of Dali & Disney which was shown by Park West Gallery! Incredible! Since I’ve been home from the cruise, I’ve visited the online gallery many times and I am looking forward to further auctions and art purchases. Thank you Park West for such an amazing experience!

  • Sandy M

    Even when I was pushing 30, I thought art consisted of still lifes and portraits of people (some famous, generally not). Yeah, it was the 60’s and 70’s and posters were everywhere, but that wasn’t “art”. Then when I got a part-time job so I could finish my MBA, my boss hung an amazing piece above my desk that was neither poster, still life, nor portrait. It was by a french woman who painted underwater–canvas, paints, everything. I had to know more. It was then I added “Own One Fabulous Piece of Art” to my “bucket list” of things to do before you die. Thanks to Park West I own lots of fabulous pieces of art, one of which is a Picasso. And the whole process has been fun, not the “struggle” one might associate with a bucket list item.

  • Deborah Bingham

    My partner and I went on a cruise to the Mexican Rivieria in 2007 and bought some absolutely beautiful artwork from a husband and wife team. I wish I could remember their names, but they were excellent. They were patient and informative. We ended up buying 4 different pieces. I can assure you that when we go on our next cruise, I certainly hope that Park West is on the ship as we will almost certainly purchase more artwork! We really enjoy the auctions and the lessons on art. Thanks for doing such a great job and for producing artwork that is beautiful and affordable!

  • Babs G

    After much deliberation, I’ve learned to buy what I like and Park West has allowed me many ways to do that! Your wonderful staff have become close friends; their knowledge, kindness and professionalism are exceptional. My many works of Max, Erte, Agam, Kras, Markus, Bellet, LeKniff, Glenn, Jacobs, Britto and Tarkay rock my world; and Don has surpassed me. I’ve created a monster! But… The other day I received my first etching! Yeah!! I rock serious!
    Thank you Maury, Katie, David, Jason and everyone! Love ya!

  • Angela D.

    I was introduced to the wonderful world of art and collecting by Park West. My favorite and most memorable experiences have been meeting and interacting with the artists at special events hosted by PWG. I look forward to many more enjoyable years with Park West.

  • Tim and Debora P.

    I have truly come to believe that the best relationships start as a result of an offer for a glass of wine or champagne. More than 27 years ago, my wife Debora and I met one Friday evening as a result of car trouble and the offer of a glass of wine, and we have been constant companions since. So it should not have suprised me that when we took our very first cruise to celebrate our 24th anniversary in December 2008, that we should embark (pardon the pun) on another great relationship–this one with Park West and our love affair with art.
    Debora has always been artistically active, and is a gifted “crafter” in her own right. So when she spotted the advertisement for the art auction (with gratis champagne) onboard Carnival Conquest, I knew that “sea day” would be fulfilling. We arrived and spent time perusing all the offerings through the Degas Lounge, then settled in for the auction. Our host auctioneer and the staff were engaging, informative and fun, and we were enchanted with the stories of the artists, their backgrounds and accomplishments. Although we were truly non-collectors, we bought a Bellet, a Kincade and an Erte during the first auction and at the end, Debora won the Grand Prize in the raffle–a perfect end to our anniversary day. For the final auction of the trip on our last “sea day”, we were enthusiastically invited back (with the lure of more raffle tickets) and purchased three more pieces. Our “life event” week was transformed and our relationship with Park West was cemented upon the final raffle, when Debora once again won the Grand Prize–a 5 carat midnight sapphire! We came away from the week with a virtually perfect trip, beautiful artwork, and a new relationship with the true professionals at Park West.
    We were so taken with the experience that we booked another cruise trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary, this time taking both our children, my sister and my mother, for the first week of January 2010.
    As we readied for the trip, Debora and I caught ourselves in conversation thinking that there was no way that we could duplicate such a memorable experience as our introduction to Park West (their superior customer service) and art collecting, but we resolved that we would give it a go. Once on board, we planned our excursions around the scheduled auctions, and even talked the kids (19 and 11) into coming with us. During the first auction, I purchased two Krasnyanskys on a “mystery” and two Tarkays as well, along with winning a Marco Mavrovich and a LeKinff in the raffle. But the highlight of the day was when the Park West staff displayed a Hua Chen on a “mystery”. When they turned the painting over, our daughter Ashleigh literally gasped in awe. I will never forget the look on her face when she saw it for the first time, and now she wakes up to that painting every day–it hangs in her college apartment. As for the “Marco”, it was my son’s first selection of fine art. Later that evening, when I went to make arrangements for our auction purchases, the Gallery team showed me another Tarkay (“Busy Cafe”), which they offered at an extremely favorable price, to which we accepted as well. With that fortunate result, I was able to offer one of the first two Tarkays we purchased to my sister as a wedding present for her son, my nephew. She was stunned and very appreciative. While in the gallery office, settling up, I couldn’t take my eyes off an original Peter Nixon, but it was quite a bit out of our range, based on our other purchases. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been concerned.
    Our luck continued for the final auction, and we won the Grand Prize 500.00 bid credit at the beginning of the auction. When the last mystery came up, it was the Nixon I had so admired, at a substantial savings. With the 500.00 credit to help and a bit more discussion with the assistant and the auctioneer, we acquired our first one-of-a-kind piece, and it is the centerpiece of our Gallery Wall in our home.
    A few months later, we were invited to a VIP event in our hometown. Thinking that nothing could top our seaborne experiences, we gladly accepted the offer by Jason Teeman, who was kind enough to allow our son to be included in the weekend. The event was held at a five-star local resort, and Park West truly rolled out the red carpet. The weekend was nothing short of fabulous! Rob Duckett and the whole Park West Team was phenomenal and created an exciting and informative weekend. The level of customer service and attention to detail was worthy of royalty, and we were made to feel truly welcomed and valued. We sat at dinner Saturday evening with both Tim Yanke and Csaba Markus and were amazed by the stories they shared and their insights and the motivations that influenced their works. My son James won a hand-painted and signed T-shirt from Tim Yanke as an auction prize, while Debora won a bottle of wine in which both Tim and Csaba drew their impressions on the label. That is one bottle that will NEVER be opened. It was at this event that we also acquired our first Peter Max and our first Picasso, along with two more Krasnyanskys and two Erte jeweled letters, an “A” and a “J” for the kids. Suffice it to say, our relationship with Park West has now moved past the “flirtation” phase of free champagne, and while we consider ourselves “advanced novices”, Park West has helped us to become art collectors and has developed our love affair with fine art. Another trip this past Thanksgiving yielded an additional Peter Max, a Peter Nixon and two Csaba Markuses (one which hangs on my son’s “Mini Gallery wall”) with the help of Constantine, Gabrielle and staff, and yet another cruise is booked for this Thanksgiving. Our son can’t wait to go, and while we look forward to the shore excursions and the cruise itself, we are holding out hope that lightning will strike once again in a brilliant Park West experience. The beauty of the world of art has become a daily blessing in our lives, and based on past experience, I shouldn’t be concerned, as Park West’s vision of bringing fine art to all people has made a wonderful impression our family will cherish for generations to come. It seems as though each new meeting with Park West and its people gives us another “life-event”. Park West’s people provide an intoxicating blend of beautiful art and graceful, effortless care for their clients, and we feel like we are now part of the Park West story. Like fine wine, our enjoyment of art, delivered by Park West, only grows with time.

  • Jennie Wright

    I fell in love with Peter Max’s art on a cruise two summers ago in the Carribean. I already had a love for the work of Tarkay, and ended up with 5 or 6 of his works as well as my Peter Max. I bought a new house last year, and was finally able to hang all my beautiful art work.

  • Philip Pollard

    I was on a cruise on the Pride of America in Novemeber 2010. I went to all of the art auctions that were presented on this Cruise. This was the first time I had gone to an art auction. I learned about some of the famous artists that Park West is involved with, how the art auctions work, how to bid, and how much fun it is. It gave me a greater appreciation for art and perked my interest in purchasing good quality art. I liked the free gift at the end of the auction as well.

  • Tom M

    I started with animation artwork and I’ve purchased quite a few on different cruises. Peter Max is the one artist that inspired me to collect modern artwork, and I was so thrilled to get one of his works in my last cruise.

  • Park West Gallery

    ***UPDATE—April 13, 2011: This contest has now ended. The winners will be posted here April 15-22, so please check back to see if you’ve won—and thanks for entering!***

  • Paul Wadley

    I started out by just going to an art auction on board a cruise. I was able to get a better understanding of the many artists through attending. I placed my first bid and won it. I have collected over 25 pieces including 7 works from Csaba MarKus which are on display in my living room today. Each piece I have collected reminds me of a place I have been to or a particular time in my life.

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