Romero Britto Pop Art Will Adorn Miami Dolphins’ Land Shark Stadium

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Romero Britto, Park West Gallery artistPark West Gallery is pleased to share the news of Pop artist, Romero Britto’s latest commission for Land Shark Stadium in Miami, Florida – a project that will help realize the artist’s ambition of reaching the world with his optimistic artwork.

MIAMI, FLORIDA — Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, announced that world-renowned artist Romero Britto will be bringing Land Shark Stadium alive through his iconic art. The stadium’s helixes and gate entrances will be adorned by Britto’s high-energy and vibrant art, adding life and a touch of South Florida to the venue.

In the coming weeks, in connection with the Dolphins celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, children from various community organizations under the Brazilian artist’s direction will help paint the helixes with Britto’s pulsating colors and pop themes.

“Britto is not only renowned throughout the world, he’s quintessential South Florida,” said Ross. “His vibrant art is unequaled and representative of our diverse region, which is why it’s a perfect fit for the stadium.”

“The Dolphins are going to have my art around the stadium, and this is like a dream come true for an artist to be able to share his art with so many people,” said Britto.


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