Bold and Beautiful Works from Romero Britto in Limited Time Summer Sale

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Romero Britto at work in his studio.

Romero Britto at work in his studio.

Pop artist Romero Britto is one of the biggest names in art today, and Park West Gallery is proud to announce our new Britto sale just in time for summer!

How popular is Britto? He’s held over 300 exhibitions, he has over 60 public art installations worldwide, and his art appears in 24 permanent museum collections.

He’s also exhibited at the Louvre, had his work licensed by everyone from Disney to Absolut, and he’s created art for the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the World Cup, and countless other global events. Truly, Britto is one of the only living artists to successfully bridge the gap between worldwide acclaim and critical recognition.

Park West’s new Summer Sale collection allows you to brighten your home with a work from this Pop phenomenon—we’re offering 40 exclusive works from Britto for a limited time only! You can view the full collection here.

"White Dots" (2018), Britto

“White Dots” (2018)

The exciting thing about this particular sale collection is how many different mediums are available. This Summer Sale features unique Britto paintings, mixed-media works, hand-signed sculptures, three-dimensional hand-embellished works, and more.

This collection is also the first to offer a brand-new medium from Britto—SCULPTOGRAPH!

SCULPTOGRAPH represents the most technologically advanced medium that Park West has ever brought to the art world. It allows artists to work in real-time with cutting-edge 3D technology to create remarkable sculpted works. The SCULPTOGRAPH is a sculpture you can hang on your wall, and this new collection brings some of Britto’s most iconic subjects to life using this revolutionary new medium.

"Pure" (2019) - one of Britto's new sculptographs

“Pure” (2019) – one of Britto’s new SCULPTOGRAPH works

Park West’s Summer Sale is also showcasing a new selection of Britto sculptures in resin, which are inspired by some of his grand-sized art installations all over the world.

"Puppy Flower" (2019)

“Puppy Flower” (2019)

However, across all of these different formats and mediums, Britto’s trademark optimism always shines through. For decades, he’s used his iconic colors and bold patterns to create his own visual language of hope and happiness.

“I always wanted to create a language for how I could communicate with people,” Britto told us. “This vocabulary, from lines, from my patterns or the polka dots, the distance between one another, the colors, I continue using the same colors over and over again. People can see and remember the color combination well.”

"Genius Green & Orange" (2018)

“Genius Green & Orange” (2018)

This sale is the perfect opportunity for Park West collectors to continue the narrative of their collections by acquiring a new work from Romero Britto.

“Due to his international audience, when Britto works come to auction, the world listens,” says Park West Gallery Director David Gorman. “Britto’s collector base can only be described as global, and his artistic influence is no exception.”

Check out everything that’s available in this new limited-time collection and don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Britto!

If you’d like to learn more about this new Britto collection, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

"With Love Too" (2018), Britto

“With Love Too” (2018)

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