Over 40 Works from the Studio of Peter Max in Park West’s New Fall Sale

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Detail from "Umbrella Man on Blend, Ver.XI # 448," Peter Max

Detail from “Umbrella Man on Blend, Ver.XI # 448,” Peter Max

When Park West Gallery was founded in 1969, it would’ve been hard to imagine a more popular living artist than Peter Max.

CBS News once said that, “If the Beatles provided the soundtrack of [the 1960s], then Peter Max painted the landscape of the time.”

That’s why, in celebration of Park West’s 50th anniversary, we are proud to offer a collection of over 40 original works direct from Peter Max’s studio in our new Fall Sale.

You can view the entire collection here, featuring a diverse range of mediums and styles from one of the most iconic American artists of the past century.

Over the course of his amazing career, Max evolved from a visionary Pop artist to a master of Neo-Expressionism. His visual impact on modern popular culture simply cannot be overstated.

"Mona Lisa (Full Body) Ver. III #238," Peter Max

“Mona Lisa (Full Body) Ver. III #238,” Peter Max

Max painted six sitting U.S. presidents, was the official artist for the 2006 U.S. Winter Olympics team, and created art for World Cups, U.S. Opens, and Super Bowls. He also brought his cosmic imagery to everything from the side of a cruise ship to the body of a Boeing 77 Super Jet.

This Fall Sale allows Park West collectors to take home an original, hand-signed Max work in one of several different exciting formats.

"Brooklyn Bridge I Ver. I #389," Peter Max

“Brooklyn Bridge I Ver. I #389,” Peter Max

For starters, we’re offering a limited selection of unique acrylic and mixed media paintings, showcasing Max’s most famous designs like Umbrella Man, the Statue of Liberty, Angel with Heart, and more.

Park West is also happy to present a new collection of serigraphs for fans of Max’s graphic works. Serigraphy is perfectly suited to Max’s bold art style, expertly capturing his brilliant hues and signature brushstrokes in a way few mediums can.

"Better World," Peter Max

“Better World,” Peter Max

Next, we’ve released a special series of Max etchings from Park West’s archives, which may represent some of the most exciting works that Max’s studio has created in years.

The hand-painted elements for each etching are done with transparent layers of pigment, revealing the intricacies of the etching lines below. Once hand-colored, original remarque drawings are added in the margins of each sheet, making each one different.

"Woodstock Series: Profile," Peter Max

“Woodstock Series: Profile,” Peter Max

Essentially, collectors will be getting an original etching, a painting, and two drawings with every work!

"Better World II (Flying Angel/Sailboat)," Peter Max

“Better World II (Flying Angel/Sailboat),” Peter Max

If that wasn’t enough, this sale collection has over 10 hand-painted acrylic sculptures that bring Max’s playful surrealism into the third dimension. These unique sculptures allow art lovers to appreciate Max’s unparalleled visual genius from a 360-degree perspective.

"Angel with Heart Ver. 1 #103," Peter Max

“Angel with Heart Ver. 1 #103,” Peter Max

As an added bonus, they also give Max fans the chance to enhance and expand their existing collections, even if they’re running out of wall space.

"Vase of Flowers Ver. II #137," Peter Max

“Vase of Flowers Ver. II #137,” Peter Max

In the 2013 HarperCollins book, The Universe of Peter Max, it describes the “timeless attraction” of Max’s art, arguing that the attraction “resides in [Max’s] ecstatic sense of color, a flawless eye for attention-arresting design, a free and spontaneous improvisational technique, and an unerring ability to discover imagery that penetrates to the heart of our culture.”

Don’t miss this chance to add a new work inspired by Max’s flawless eye to your collection today.

To collect original works by Peter Max, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or at sales@parkwestgallery.com after hours.

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  • JB

    Always loved Peter Max for the happy feeling he gives one who observes his work…

  • Paul Head

    Love max have 2

  • Ginger Riddle

    Love the use of bright colors in many of his paintings!

  • Dian Cifuni

    Have 8 pieces of various mediums
    He is my favorite artist of all time


    MAX is GREAT! I have a separate room set aside just for his Art.

  • Ann Dezern

    Peter Max’s work is amazing!!! I have 2 pieces in my beach home!!! Just beautiful!!! My company always comments how lovely they are!! Thanks Park West!!!

  • Joan Ramos

    I love the etchings by Max. I wish you would of included the dates when the featured works of art were first released. We have a couple pieces by Max. One is about 30 years old, “Better World.” It was the first piece we purchased in the early 90’s. We still love it and it gets a lot of recognition from visitors.

  • Kimberly

    I adore the bright colors of Peter Max when introduced in late 60s and early 70s. So freeing yet descriptive and joyful. Peter Max and the song Starry Night being played then and learning about Vincent VanGogh, are the reasons I paint today.

  • Judy

    Love. max just can’t afford him right now

  • Karen And Michael

    Absolutely our favorite artist and the one who dominates our collection. Meeting Max in person at a Park West Weekend event in NY was the highlight of all events.


    I am interested in Art by Mr. Grant. Please forward information- schelda@sbcglobal.net– Schelda Williams

  • cindy A morris

    love peter max i have a wonderful collection of max art i love all my pieces and was great too meet him twice was wonderful thank you park west !!

  • Paul Sheldon

    Hi we are Paul and Sheila Sheldon from the ISLE OF WIGHT,ENGLAND

    We love Max and have been collecting him since our Princess and Holland America Cruises,and now we have a room dedicated to Max with 6 pictures,2 commemorating 911 out of his 4 and an Acrylic hand painted Statue of Liberty

  • Luis

    I own one of his art pieces is a better world. Great masterpiece!

  • DJ

    Love Max since I was about 12, I have 3 and one limited edition

  • Larry M

    My wife and I Love Peter Max, we have One of his canvas angels and one of his lilies in the park and One of his special Drawing of umbrella man, can’t get enough of his and Parkwestgallerys wonders collection of artists paintings and etchings.

  • Richard A Kelly

    I was lucky enough to visit him in his studio last year and it was great. I received the invitation after I purchased the original painting of The Beatles.
    I spoke with him at length and his is a fantastic and truly nice man. Loved the studio which I hear is now been moved due to his health.

  • Bernie Brzozowski

    I own a 60 x 60 Peter max zero painting

  • Michael LoBosco

    I want to purchase a Peter Max please contact me.

    Michael LoBosco

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