Park West Gallery’s FIU art donation

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Mark Kanovich

Mark Kanovich

Park West Gallery founder and CEO Albert Scaglione’s latest contribution to the mission of using arts to aid in the development of the youth comes in the form of a donation to the College of Business at Florida International University of over $800,000 worth of artwork.

The expansive collection donated by Scaglione contains over 300 works, including art by world-renowned artists such as Mark Kanovich, Linda Le Kinff and Zamy Steynovitz. The works will be displayed in various locations around Florida International’s campus, including the College of Business Complex, the Ryder Business Building and the Management and New Growth Opportunities Building (MANGO).

The gift to this institution fuels Scaglione’s hope for using art for the betterment of society.

“Gifts like this help change lives and contribute to the growth of future global business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Jose Aldrich, the dean of the College of Business.

A major reason Scaglione decided on a donation is because Charlie Cartaya, director of operations at Park West Gallery, is an alumnus of Florida International, along with his wife, Barbara Pestana, who graduated from FIU with a business degree.

“This is a great example of how our alumni continue to help the college in creative, constructive ways,” said Aldrich.

This act of kindness comes on the heels of a multitude of donations and other involvements in organizations dedicated to the well-being of others. In the past year, in coalition with Park West Foundation, Scaglione contributed to causes such as the Prince’s Trust International, Relay for Life, the Forever Wild Foundation, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Best Buddies International. Several of these foundations and organizations have ties to Park West artists (Andrew Bone and the Forever Wild Foundation, Guy Harvey and his Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Romero Britto’s work with Best Buddies), but all of the contributions were made out of a desire to benefit and enrich the country’s youth.

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