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“We really enjoy being a part of the Park West events. We have always enjoyed art but every time we attend a Park West event, we learn so much that we didn’t know and have developed a greater appreciation for types of art we never considered before.

We especially enjoy meeting the artists. Talking to them and getting to know them makes their artwork more personal and gives us a better understanding of it. The three artists we have met – Marko Mavrovich, Dominic Pangborn and Simon Bull – are artists we’d never paid attention to and didn’t realize how much we like their work until meeting them.

Chris’ knowledge of art and his ability to convey it to us ‘new-comers’ is wonderful. We are educated about great artwork and then allowed to purchase it at great prices. Thank you for including us and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.”

Brenda & Carl S.
Webster, New York

“Just wanted to say Thank You for the invitation to be a guest, of Park West Gallery. Bill and I enjoyed ourselves very much, and enjoyed meeting and making, I hope, lifelong friends.

I hope Park West Gallery knows what a GREAT team the four of you make. You all work very well together, and very hard and long hours to pull off such an event. I hope to see you all again.”

Kathryn S.
Palmyra, Tennessee

“We can’t say enough how much we enjoyed the VIP cruise and that every aspect of it was above and beyond what we had expected. Thanks again for everything!”

Kim and Bill K.
Cantonment, Florida

“It was an amazing experience. Between the artists and the classes it was all extraordinary. We considered a very special opportunity.”

Michael and Robbin J.
Lakeland, Florida

“We had a nice and educational time and walked away with art I am sure we will enjoy for many years. Thank you and your team for a well executed, professional and enjoyable time. We look forward to another opportunity.”

Hill and Marshall G.
Boca Raton, Florida

“We really enjoyed the cruise. Most of all we enjoyed the learning experience. You really made sure everyone was well informed on the artworks, artists and different aspects of the artists and movements they belonged to. Ranging from Tim Rogerson’s Donald Duck to the Dali we picked up, we are very happy with our purchases. We also look forward to seeing you again. Again I would like to thank you for the fantastic experience and the great art.”

Anthony and Larissa D.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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