Park West Art Auctioneers Provide Exceptional Service at Sea

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“I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional service I have received from the knowledgeable auctioneers and gallery directors aboard every cruise on which I have purchased artwork.

This last cruise was no exception.

I purchased artwork from a relative newcomer to the Park West staff, Christopher. He was forced to make the best of a ‘non-art’ crowd and only two auctions, but he was very enthusiastic and made the experience very enjoyable. He and his partner, Angie, were very attentive to their customers and went above and beyond to ensure a good experience purchasing from Park West.

I proudly display my artwork in my home and would recommend Park West to anyone who wants the best value for the art they desire. Thank you, as well, to the other auctioneers and gallery directors I have had the pleasure to do business with.”

Lori P.
Wesley Chapel, Florida

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