New Thomas Kinkade Collection Brightens Park West’s 2020 Winter Sale

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Thomas Kinkade working on his acclaimed painting "Mountain Chapel"

Thomas Kinkade working on his acclaimed painting “Mountain Chapel”

Thomas Kinkade is one of the best-selling artists in modern history. It’s been estimated that you could find a Kinkade work in one out of every twenty American homes.

He was a master of composition—hailed as the “Painter of Light”—and Park West Gallery is proud to reveal our newly released Thomas Kinkade collection as part of our ongoing Winter Sale event.

This collection features over 40 works from Thomas Kinkade and Thomas Kinkade Studios, all beautifully embellished giclees representing some of Kinkade’s most iconic imagery. You can view the full collection here.

Over half of the collection is comprised of many of Kinkade’s best loved images. These graphic editions came to Park West directly from the Kinkade Company.

"Mountain Chapel," Thomas Kinkade

“Mountain Chapel,” Thomas Kinkade

The Kinkade Company been archiving “International Proof” editions of Kinkade’s art on canvas for years in the hopes to release those canvas editions internationally. Following Kinkade’s sudden, unexpected passing in 2012, the company saw Park West as the ideal global art dealer to bring these limited editions to the world.

“Many of these editions on canvas were sold out 10 to 20 years ago,” says Park West Gallery Director David Gorman. “We were thrilled to acquire these international proofs because, in many cases, these are works that Kinkade collectors haven’t been able to get their hands on for the past decade.”

"Hometown Morning," Thomas Kinkade

“Hometown Morning,” Thomas Kinkade

These editions show off Kinkade at his best, bringing to life his trademark bucolic gardens, cozy cottages, powerful seascapes, and scenes of small-town American life.

“Conquering the Storms,” Thomas Kinkade

This collection also features some of Kinkade’s unforgettable depictions of classic Disney movies, including beloved films like Bambi, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more. Kinkade often referred to his Disney works as “narrative panoramas,” meaning that they tell the story of an entire movie within one single image.

"The Little Mermaid," Thomas Kinkade

“The Little Mermaid,” Thomas Kinkade

Additionally, Kinkade fans will be excited by the addition of brand-new works from the artists at Thomas Kinkade Studios in this collection.

Before his tragic death, Kinkade had already begun building a studio that would continue his life’s work for generations to come, similar to the studio created by one of his idols, Walt Disney.

He accomplished this during his lifetime by actively seeking out talented artists who he believed would be able to carry on his vision, training these artists to paint in his hallmark, Kinkadian style.

"Mickey & Minnie Sweetheart Campfire," Thomas Kinkade

“Mickey & Minnie Sweetheart Campfire,” Thomas Kinkade Studios

Years ago, Norman Rockwell had the foresight to allow his family to create limited-editions of his paintings as “estate releases.” Thomas Kinkade just took that concept to the next level.

With Thomas Kinkade Studios, this marks the first time in Park West’s 50-year history where one of our artists has formed his own atelier of studio painters to expand on his body of work after his passing.

In these new editions, a studio of incredibly talented artists, steeped in Kinkade’s creative excellence, has brought to life scenes from two of the biggest names in modern pop culture—Disney and DC Comics.

"Mulan - Blossoms of Love," Thomas Kinkade Studios

“Mulan – Blossoms of Love,” Thomas Kinkade Studios

These new Disney works carry on the tradition of Kinkade’s long-time collaboration with Walt Disney Studios, capturing carefree moments between Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as scenes from acclaimed movies like Mulan and Beauty and the Beast.

Kinkade Studios has also created a series of dynamic works based on the core trinity of DC Comics’ most famous superheroes: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

"Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - The Trinity," Thomas Kinkade Studios

“Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – The Trinity,” Thomas Kinkade Studios

Each of these works is a collaborative effort—between those who worked directly with Kinkade and those inspired by his art—all released under the Kinkade Studios brand, which is why you’ll find the Kinkade Studios signature rather than the signature of any one artist.

When Walt Disney passed in 1966, thanks to his foresight, Disney Studios did not cease to exist. The studio he built went on to create some of the most thrillingly creative works of the past century. In a similar fashion, Thomas Kinkade Studios will continue to create fantastic works of art for decades to come.

"Garden of Prayer," Thomas Kinkade

“Garden of Prayer,” Thomas Kinkade

If you’re a long-time Kinkade collector or if you’re just intrigued by Kinkade’s tradition of excellence, this sale is the perfect opportunity to bring home a piece of Thomas Kinkade’s remarkable artistic legacy.


To collect a work from Park West’s new Thomas Kinkade collection, just contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

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  • Kathleen Blake

    I absolutely love Thomas Kinkade. He was a wonderful artist.

  • Karen Coffer

    Love Thomas Kincade have several prints and now canvas, Really like Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Campfire, Who knows I am on 3 cruises so far this year and I may just have to see if it can come home with me.

  • Haunani Kinsaul

    I really like the Mickey&Minnie Sweetheart Campfire.I have 2 of the Canvas of the Mickey&Minnie that we got on our cruise in Feb.of2019.and Ilove them.

  • Jim Collins

    Great Artist

  • Wendy Carrigan

    We have the paintings Block Island love his work

  • Diane Fobert

    Absolutely love Thomas Kinkade. I have one original canvas from Disney collection.

    • Janice J Martinson

      I have several of his canvas and some small prints as well. I love his work.

  • Sarah Walker

    Fell in love with Thomas Kinkade on our first cruise this past Decmeber. Went to our first art auction and came home so sad I wasnt able to being his Minnie and Mickey ice skating scene with me. So in love but to rich for my pocketbook.

  • Marie Laguerre

    I love Thomas Kinkade and my dream is to collect all of his art work. May God bless his family and Park West for sharing his work.

  • Amelia Grant

    I’m fortunate to own Thomas Kincade’s 10th Anniversary “Days of Peace”. I love his works. He was so talented!

  • Alan Marconett

    Lovely work! Warms up our home. Only problem, we’re out of walls!

  • Jim Shelly

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!😀

  • Vernon Carpenter

    Park West has really opened my eyes to the many different aspects of art .I really enjoy the auctioneers talks and the wide variety of art at all the auctions.The employees are all very knowledgeable on the artist’s. Thank you for the opportunities to grow in knowledge given and shared for free.

  • Lyn Ryan

    Never had a print of painting of any sort but once I saw Thomas Kinkade’s work I was “hooked” and have never regretted what I’ve spent. Thanks to a wonderful man’s ability to paint so life like! Lyn

  • Ronald

    Love Thomas Kinkade’s work. Started collecting the Disney collection while cruising. Only problem right now is the Lion King that we purchased in October is still a no show. Waiting on a response.

  • James McFadden

    Sale?? Every time I see the word “sale” I see a price – except for Park West. How would we know that it’s a sale as we have no idea as to what your original price was since you never share that information.

  • Alfredo Cruz

    I love his Paint titled: Holiday Gathering Christmas”

    The lights inside the windows are amazing.!!

    Dr. Alfredo Cruz

  • BARBARA Palubiski I

    I absolutely love his work. Have 3 of his works. I have 2 of his Mickey Mouse prints and 1 large print with Kincaid and his dog,etc. I am so Happy that I bought these. Every one comments on the large print in my family room.

  • Janet Styles

    I am looking to purchase Thomas Kincade’s, “Christmas at Biltmore,” and wondered if it was available through your store. Thanks for any info regarding this piece. ~ Janet Styles

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