New Caldograph Collection Brings Out the Best of Artist Matt Beyrer

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"Light Breeze" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Light Breeze” (2019)

Matt Beyrer is a Park West Gallery phenomenon. At just 37 years old, he has achieved more sold-out exhibitions than any other artist in our 50-year history.

Known for their life-like depth and unique use of natural wood grain, Beyrer’s creations are immediately recognizable and iconic.

The amazing thing about Beyrer is that he’s substrate-based, not subject-based. As long as his imagery incorporates his trademark wood grain, regardless of the subject matter, it’s immediately identifiable as a Matt Beyrer work.

"Untamed" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Untamed” (2019)

Park West is proud to release a new collection of caldographs from Beyrer that explore themes new to his catalog yet are still 100% consistent with his acclaimed artistic style. (You can see examples of the collection throughout this article or contact one of our gallery consultants to learn more about our growing selection of Beyrer caldographs.)

Every artist strives to get the most out of a limited edition. For Chagall, lithography was the perfect fit for his painterly style. For Beyrer, the caldograph’s unique ability to incorporate wood grain—one of the key elements of his art—makes it the perfect marriage of artist and medium.

For those unfamiliar, a caldograph is a remarkable artistic medium that uses advanced dye sublimation technology to bond an artist’s imagery onto a wooden panel. Because every piece of wood is unique, given its natural organic make-up, every caldograph is subtly different.

"Alone by the Fire" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Alone by the Fire” (2019)

In the caldograph process, the artist’s imagery is applied to a specially-coated wood panel using heat and pressure. The inks become gas and permeate the surface before returning to a solid form. The inks permanently bond to the wood on a molecular level, creating a brilliant, high-quality image.

"Best Of Us" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Best Of Us” (2019)

After the image is transferred to the wood, each work is embellished by hand, signed by the artist, and finished with a protective, high-gloss varnish. The final result is a work of art that beautifully highlights the best qualities of Beyrer’s imagery.

"Breezy Island Living" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Breezy Island Living” (2019)

According to Beyrer, he was first inspired to start painting on wood “when I was building a frame for a commissioned painting and I ran out of stain. Instead of taking the easy route, I ended up going the harder way and I just started painting into the grains of wood.”

“Next thing you know, I had a horizon, a mountain, and the wood grain going through the sky and water. That’s when I realized I was onto something.”

"Majestic Grain" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Majestic Grain” (2019)

If you’re interested in learning more about Matt Beyrer’s caldographs or collecting any other original work from Matt Beyrer, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

"Hidden Falls" (2019), Matt Beyrer

“Hidden Falls” (2019)

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