Miró – Dupin. Art and Poetry

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40785685BARCELONA, Spain — Twenty-five years after artist Joan Miró’s death, The Joan Miró Foundation presents a new exhibit Miró – Dupin. Art and Poetry. The show examines the artist’s lifelong interest in poetry and his close friendship with French poet, biographer and art critic, Jacques Dupin.

The exhibit pays tribute to Dupin, a trustee of The Foundation since its inception, for his contribution as a poet, biographer and writer on the art of Joan Miró. In Volume I of “Miró Engravings (1928 – 1960),” the catalogue raisonné written by Dupin,¹ the author explains:

“If the sense of craftsmanship favorizes Miró’s coming to engraving, his passion for poetry plays an even more determinant role. He has always felt and affirmed the need, for him vital, to surpass the limits of his art and to go beyond painting. Poetry, more than the writings of philosophers and novelists, more even than music, is his magnetic pole, his creator of tensions, this ‘bouche d’ombre’ which summons and paralyzes, instigates and mediates, which is capable of opening space and strenghtening his creative powers.”

Miró – Dupin. Art and Poetry is divided into three parts:

  1. Joan Miró and poetry – examines the artist’s lifelong interest in poetry.
  2. Dupin – Miró. Dialogues between a poet and a painter – highlights the very close working relationship and friendship between the two men that began in 1957 when Dupin started work on his book on Joan Miró.
  3. Dupin, poet and artists’ biographer – analyzes the author’s work as a poet and his commitment to the world of art.

The exhibit is open to the public starting June 17 and runs through October 18, 2009.

For more information visit www.fundaciomiro-bcn.org.

¹Jacques Dupin. “Miro Engravings, Vol. I.” Rizzoli Publishing. New York. 1989.
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