More Than 35 Works by Lebo Available During Limited-Time Sale

Lebo Park West Gallery

Freedom in Flux” (2018)

Miami’s own David “Lebo” Le Batard is bringing his signature style to Park West Gallery with an exclusive new collection.

Collect Lebo’s playful and insightful art during this special sale featuring more than 35 works including one-of-a-kind paintings and mixed-media works on canvas. The artist is also offering limited-edition graphic works, providing multiple options for art lovers looking to collect his unforgettable artwork.

But the clock is ticking. This sale will only last for the next two weeks, so check out the full collection before this limited sale disappears!

“The paintings represented here are an amalgam of this latest chapter of my creative journey,” the artist says. “My work is rooted in observation and research, and each period of my artistic journey becomes a visual shorthand of things that are new to me at that time.”

Lebo is known around the world for his unique Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism style, which blends bold lines, bright colors, and calligraphy. The distinct graphic edge of his art can be attributed to his studies of comic strips and his acclaimed work as a muralist.

Lebo Park West Gallery

All is One” (2018)

One of the major driving forces behind Lebo’s art is his unrelenting intellectual curiosity. Throughout his works, you can see the influence of a wide and diverse range of subject matter.

“The art of storytelling and cartoon narratives, as well as the sciences and spirituality, create the soul of what encapsulates my brand of art.”

Lebo recently spoke about his newest collection and answered fan questions during an exclusive Facebook Live video with Park West Gallery. View the video here and be sure to follow us on Facebook for more exclusive content.

To collect the art of Lebo, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or



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