Haunted Halloween Art Slideshow from the Park West Gallery Collection

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BOO! Did we scare you? Well, this might… We’ve selected our favorite Halloween-themed artwork from the Park West Gallery Collection, just in time for the scariest of holidays. From the strange to the creepy, click through the gallery to see all 12 images, that is… IF YOU DARE! MWUUAHAHAHA!

Halloween Slideshow List of Artwork

  1. “Scary Scary Night” by Nelson De La Nuez
  2. “Duendecitos (Hobgoblins)” by Francisco Goya
  3. “Pumpkin and Flower” by Henriette Wyeth
  4. “Golden Mask” by Felix Mas
  5. “The Long and Haunted Road” by Hanna-Barbera Studio
  6. “Jack” by Tricia B. Benson
  7. “Sally” by Tricia B. Benson
  8. “Autumn” by Simon Bull
  9. “Two Masks” by Anatole Krasnyansky
  10. “Destino #276 – Set 4”
  11. “Villains of Gotham” by Warner Bros. Studio
  12. “Ghostbusters: Slimer!” by Columbia Pictures Television

To inquire about purchasing any of the artwork above, please visit www.parkwestgallery.com or contact Park West Gallery Sales at 800-521-9654 x 4 / sales@parkwestgallery.com

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